Twin Setup for 2601 Striper

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  1. Falcon

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    Does anyone out there, besides me, have twins on their 2601 Striper? Mines new to me last October, a 2013 2601 WA, but I’ve yet to put it in the water. Currently have twin G1 175 HP Evinrude Etec’s, which I know nothing about, but I’m thinking of POSSIBLY hitting the boat shows and seeing if I can get twin 200 HP fourstrokes, just because that’s all I know and I won’t be wondering what I have while I venture into the tuna fishing offshore.

    Just wondering if anyone has any positive, or negative, feedback with twins on this boat or a boat of this size. Thanks!!
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  2. ReelSlim

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    I looked at a lot of 26’s when I was in the market. You will see them rigged mostly with Yamaha 150’s. With the 8’6” beam it’s a pretty good power package for that boat. The hull planes well as you will find out.
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  3. Falcon

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    After visiting a couple dealers they told me my twin 175 HP etec’s should be fine until 1000 hours if I take care of them, there’s 215 hours on my boat and motors. I’ll spend the money on tuna fishing rods, reels and gear...which Derby is helping me with :D
  4. walleyes

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    No disrespect to you intended but what dealership told you those engines are only good to 1000 hrs, a Yamaha dealer. I’ll call bull shit on that all day long. If taken care of which is minimal on a 2 stroke your good for a few thousand hours 3 easily probably more. Those engines are as good as any 4 stroke out there hands down. Had 13 seasons on my 06’ 175 ETec and that engine was as solid and tight and ran as good as new when I sold it. So far from what I can see a better engine than my ‘10 175 Zukies. Stronger built engines structurally, quieter, and started better than these stroker Zukes and my 175 had probly 5 times the hours on it these strokers do. Run those engines for years and I mean years before you even think about it.
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  5. Falcon

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    Well it wasn’t an E-Tec dealer that’s for sure lol, they didn’t say they’d only last 1000 hours, I think it was just a generic that’s when you can start seeing issues if you’re going to. They were nice enough not to BS me and try and sell me a four stroke, they said save your money those engines are fine.

    I guess I could’ve worded that better, so that’s on me.
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  6. walleyes

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    I loved my ETec when I had it as you can tell lol.
    Now more on your topic, I currently have twin 175 Zukes on my Wellcraft 264 coastal which is very comparable in weight to your boat and I find them to handle the boat very well. Gets on plane in a snap and cruises at 26 knots with ease. Not sure on the fuel consumption as it’s not hooked up. But as far as power goes it’s more than ample power.
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  7. BCI

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    Found this article from the about one with twin Yamaha F150s;

    Twin F150 four-stroke Yamahas are a popular choice on the Striper 2601WA and according to factory tests, will top out at over 47 mph spinning a pair of 15.25D x 17P 3-blade SWS props. She’ll plane at only 3000 rpms and will offer excellent 2.87-mpg fuel efficiency, hitting 22.4 mph at only 7.8 gph. Bumping the twin throttles up to 3500 revs, the GPS will indicate 27.5 mph at 11.2 gph, for a net of 2.46 mpg. Advancing the controls to 4-grand will get you 32.2 mph at 14.6 gph, for a bottom line of 2.21 mpg. If you need to travel in the fast lane to catch up to a hot bite, dialing in 4500 rpm on the digital tachs will push her along at 36.6 mph while showing 18.3 gph on the Yamaha fuel flow gauge, which translates to 2 mpg. This is still decent mileage for a three-ton, 26-foot sportfishing machine gobbling up nautical miles at a rapid pace.

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  8. Falcon

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    Thanks for that, I think I did see that one. As seen above, I was thinking of getting twin 200 HP four strokes but I've decided what I have is perfectly fine. If I did go four stroke in the future I'm now leaning towards 150's instead of 200's.

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