Tuna & Halibut setup?

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    J-GLOBAL Well-Known Member

    Hi All,
    My son really wants us to get into Tuna fishing next summer/fall.
    Read that some are using Hali rods for Tuna. Don't know if using the same reels though

    For hali we currently troll bottom with Salmon gear and do fine. to 40# this year but nothing huge.

    Looking for suggestions on a Hali/Tuna combo (if one exists) that we can pick up locally.

    Tuna being the more important.
    And what's in the Tuna starter tackle box?
  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    To start a Shimano TLD 15 (or TLD 20) loaded with 40# mono on a Shimano Talavera 5"9' rod.

    Avet makes some great little metal reels for not a lot more.

    Lures a half dozen Tuna clones in Zucchini, a couple Rapala X Raps and a couple Cedar Tuna plugs.

    EDIT of course if you're going to use the same rod for Hali you'd want Spectra line not mono-I don't like trolling with Spectra myself.

    Cheaper than the Shimano Talaveras are Ugly sticks-I think they're a hateful POFS but some people like them.
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  3. Killer B's

    Killer B's Member

    To start with the rods can be used for either. The main thing is the reels. Main thing is your budget, of course with everything. I would stay away from the star drags and level winds, like the penn 330 gts just don't crank down tight enohg to stop the tuna. I would go with the lever drag reels so you can set the strike pressure. Shimano TLD 20 is a nice size and probably the cheapest route for a good tuna reel. The penn international series of reels are great for tuna just a little more expensive. If you go with the penns I would stay with the 12 or 16 just for the size so you can use them for hali as well. I mostly use the penn 30 but have a couple 50s which are to big. The avet has a nice reel HC sells two different sizes. The smaller of the 2 holes enough line for tuna. If you ever go on Ebay, sometimes you can get some good deals on some quality used reels. The 2 speed reel is nice tuna fishing but not a must. Tuna fishing is a lot of fun. I have even used the old 6" peetz for fun and have used salt water fly reels. The most important thing is a big gas tank. Good luck.
  4. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    avet two speed
  5. Fishin'Zinn

    Fishin'Zinn Active Member

    I looked at the TLD-20 (tried and true), but there is a somewhat new Penn reel, the Squall which seemed really smooth and nice. Good price as well heard good things about them.

    Lever drag is a must if you are looking for quality I would say.
  6. Killer B's

    Killer B's Member

    As for tackle, we mostly us Zukers, mexi flag, purple and black, green, white. Everyone has there favourites. X-raps work. If you really want to get into tuna fishing check out the Bamfield Tuna shoot out. 1 week derby, lots of fun and this year there was 42 boats. Lots of buddy boats and info. Usually in the 2 nd week of September.

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