Trolling and Casting Flies for Salmon

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Christl Waters, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. I like to buck tail and cast flies for salmon of the west coast of VI. I was wondering if any of the other members did and would share their patterns.

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  2. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    That sounds fantastic. I fly fish rivers and lakes but never tried in the ocean. Where do you fish? I assume 9 or 10 weights for springs. Are you casting sink tips? I’d be grateful if you could share a few details.
  3. FishBear

    FishBear Member

    I tie my own tube flies and troll them... much the same as a flash fly, etc.
  4. I used a ten foot 8 weight with Airflo sink tip for trolling on large arbor reel. For casting, I use a floating line with different heads depending on the water.
  5. NDT

    NDT Active Member

    I often troll bucktails when salmon fishing. I seem to always tangle with stacking lines with the riggers(need more practice), so I started bucktailing the flies below. Usually the skull version as they run just under the surface and don't pick up debris as quickly. I usually use these on Kootenay lake for rainbow.
    I may try one behind a dummy flasher and send it to the depths this season. I had great coho fishing and the odd spring with these. #226, 234, 228, 210 and 215. 215 is my go too.

    image.png image.png
  6. barkerfam

    barkerfam Active Member

    There is a whole line of flies made for trolling - grand slam bucktails.
  7. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Last year in the Tyee Pool there was a local who fly-fished from a float tube (U-boat style) and hooked a number of Chinook and even weighed a couple in just for fun. None were Tyee.

    He went out at certain tides and would hold right along the current line and cast and strip.

    My hat's off to him given he did better than I did last season. :D

    Take care.
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  8. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    #213 is a deadly combo for big raindbows.
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  9. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    sitting on the anchor for halibut and i will strip out a white bucktail.. hello coho!!
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  10. Irishwolf

    Irishwolf Crew Member

    Cool post, thanks for sharing.

    Curious, and this may be a dumb question as I’m relatively new to the salt water game, but what food source are these flys supposed to mimic in the ocean?

  11. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    herring, anchovies, bait in general
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  12. Howzer

    Howzer New Member

    I do a lot of buck-tailing coast-wide because I love to fish but have a sailboat with a bimini top which is a pain when I'm using my downrigger (although it doesn't stop me) I have caught some big coho up in Rivers and Hakai area as well as a few springs!

    I tend to tie mine a little bit bigger, and in herring or anchovy patterns along with a stinger hook. Sometimes I also put a small spinner in front... Good idea to take pics while still in the vice, I need to do that.
    Here is a very poor quality pic of one caught in 2017 in Hakaii... with a blow-up showing the spinner and the stinger hook in the mouth.

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  13. BCROB

    BCROB Active Member



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  14. NDT

    NDT Active Member

    How would a guy get started making trolling flies? Anyone recommend a good how to book?
  15. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    A Pink stripe often works well for Coho.......
  16. Irishwolf

    Irishwolf Crew Member

    Thanks @kingblazer84 for your reply. I come from the rainbow world where flys mean bugs. :). And I’m kinda glad. Flys that big on the ocean would be kinda scary. ;)

    Looks like a LOT of fun. I’ll have to giver a go.

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  17. Twinstrike

    Twinstrike Member

    There is some good you tube video about fly fishing for salmon just search The Legacy experience.
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  18. BCROB

    BCROB Active Member

    You can get started pretty inexpensive rotary vise , some good quality hooks , a variety of bucktail material , some Chrystal flash ( zillion colours) 2 part resin for heads , some YouTube videos and a quiet place with a cold beer and your are “hooked” !
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  19. BCROB

    BCROB Active Member

    agreed , I tied some 3 and 4 “ with pink and white for my Uncle and he’s asked for more :rolleyes:
  20. FishBear

    FishBear Member

    Watching You Tube videos about tying salmon flies can be addicting... don't ask me how I know that
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