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I am looking to put trim tabs on my "new to me" boat. It's a 98 Campion Explorer 562. I was wondering if anyone has seen, used or has any hands on knowledge or experience with the Bennett Bolt Electric Trim Tab System.

I've had boats with Bennett Hydraulic systems. Any info on the electric system would be appreciated. If you are familiar with other trim tab products not made by Bennett and have had a good experience with them, feel free to share your info.

Thanks in advance.


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i have bolts and they move quick, you tap the switch not hold it. really like the no fluid and lifetime warranty on the rams


I just put a set of 10x12 bolts on my wellcraft coastal 218. So far they are great like no luck said they move fast. Easy install I would by them again.


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I'm also looking to put trip tabs on my Arima 19' boat. Would I be able to install it myself or should get a pro to do that for me? Also for a 19' boat, is there a particular model of Bolt would fit best or is it just one model?

Thank you in advance

spring time

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I wouldn't own a boat without them allows to adjust for load in balance choppy seas easier planing or staying on plain and I installed them myself.


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One upside to hydraulic tabs - if they break while extended, you can just bleed the line to lift them back up. I ran across a guy not too long ago who'd had a tab malfunction and remained locked full down no matter what he did, 50 miles out.

So it was run in circles, or drop the other tab to max and plow back in the whole way. Granted that's the only incident like that I've ever personally heard of...but it occurred to me at the time that with my ancient boat leveler hydraulics, I'd just pull one line and the tab would retract.

Probably not worth picking one or the other over, but you know, information.


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I have the Denco electrics on my 19 Arima and they work well and so far reliably. Self-installed, fairly simple. Just make an overall plan for your transom area - transducers, saltwater intake fitting etc as Arimas have a limited usable area for installations on the transom.


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Like capman said, thanks. I've been conversing via email with Bennett. They have been most helpful.