Trim Tabs Electric or Hydraulic

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  1. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    I know this is a very polarizing question. But if you where going to replace the trim tab system on your boat would they be Electric or Hydraulic?

    I am tending towards Hydraulic I don't like the idea of electric motors submerged in salt water but I could be convinced otherwise...
  2. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member

    electric, never been happier. one less thing to have on the transom
  3. Bennie

    Bennie Member

    Hi Capt, have you made any decision on your pod?, using original fuel tanks?
    There are some good pictures of a 26 Seasport for sale in Port Alberni, shows mods on a new factory Seasport with outboards
  4. BCRingo

    BCRingo Well-Known Member

  5. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Yes I have I will be starting a Thread soon to share my progress on this project!
  6. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Active Member

    I may be misreading this, but electric or hydraulic, you’ll still have a trim tab hanging off your transom, unless the electric ones are invisible.

    I would go with the hydraulic Bennetts, they’re not that much more money and are marginally more difficult to install. If you’re lacking space in the bilge area for the hydraulic pump assembly then I suppose the electric might be better.
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  7. ReelSlim

    ReelSlim Crew Member

    I had hydraulic on my last few boats and never had a problem but I guess there is some potential issues with the pump.....rams and hoses? This boat has electric ones and the biggest thing I notice is how fast they respond. Which makes sense since the servo motor is instant when you activate the switch and not waiting for the pump to charge the ram. It's not like it's a big deal but noticeably faster. This boat rarely needs any tabs but when I do use them it's a bit of a test to see how fast I can get my finger off the switch or it's too much. The tabs are faster and this hull also responds ridiculously fast to any tab at all. Other than the risk of a ram leaking and killing the motor I'm a fan so far......

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  8. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member

    i meant the pump and lines to the tabs on the transom
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  9. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    I have hydraulic but one advantage of the electrics is seen in "Reelslim's" picture, the electrics automatically retract when off I believe. On his trailer it would be a must have.
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  10. ReelSlim

    ReelSlim Crew Member would only forget to not retract them once! lol
  11. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Oh you'd think that wouldn't you :confused:
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  12. baddogg

    baddogg Well-Known Member

    I put electric on my boat this year. It had nothing before. 542. My last boat had hydraulic. I am quite happy with the electric, much easier install and work great.
  13. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    Lenco electrics all the way... Not sure how often you'd have to change your hydraulic fluids in the hydraulic version... While it may not be a common occurrence, I am sure there can be the rare issue with hydraulic line breaks/leaks etc... Lenco has 5 year warranty on all new lenco electrics. I am happy with them. Yes, I am sure there is a small possibility of the waterproof outer shell/casing leaking saltwater into the motor(which is built into the cylinders which move the trim tabs) but I don't believe that occurs all that often. Everyone I've spoken to with Lencos likes them. Good luck with your decision.
  14. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Interesting that everybody is going Electric! I guess even Bennett decided electric was the future since they push that product now too!

    Thanks Everybody I will be going electric!
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  15. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I have a leak somewhere. Maybe I'll switch over.
  16. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Have any of you installed the auto trim pro switch from Bennett? Reviews seem to be mixed, I like the idea of auto balancing the boat but I worry about how well it will actually work.
  17. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    Keep it simple is my motto. Sounds like a feature which will cost more money that may or may not be used. More things to go wrong and replace in my opinion.

    Glad we are here to help you spend your hard earned $$$$
  18. BCRingo

    BCRingo Well-Known Member

    I did and it works perfectly fine after ~2 yrs on my boat.
  19. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    Just installed. Awesome. Totally awesome
  20. e-zee

    e-zee Active Member

    What size boat? My Skagit is very sensitive whenever someone moves around I’m constantly adjusting my trim tabs. Curious as to how quick the auto trim adjusts. Does it seem to fix the pitch and roll of the boat before you feel it or does it seem to hunt and correct?
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