Trim tab issue

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  1. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    Need some advise. I have lost my port side trim tab.

    Fluid is up, I have taken apart and checked connections for corrosion and everything is good. I have also checked all functions at the trim tab switch with a separate power source, motor in forward, in reverse and both solenoids are working.

    I'm guessing its the cylinder that moves the tab. Does this make sense, or I'm I missing another check?

    Thanks J.
  2. Reel Gone

    Reel Gone Member

    Possibly that the valve is not shuttling for that side(stuck), could disconnect line and see if you are building pressure on that one or even swap the cylinders from side to side to prove the circuit works.
  3. noluck

    noluck Active Member

    is the tab still on the boat?
  4. AlK

    AlK Well-Known Member

    Are these Bennett Trim Tabs? Watch this you tube video it may be of some help/
  5. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    Yes it's still on the boat. Lost the use of it. It's a Bennett, and I've done all the checks. Going to swap lines to the starboard side and see what happens.
  6. mbowers

    mbowers Active Member

    If you still can't figure it out, Bennett's customer service is phenomenal. If you want to stay on a public forum, you can post at The Hull Truth where Bennett will quickly respond

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