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  1. oilslick

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    1992 - 18' - 20' Highliner trailer, very good shape, serviced every year, GVWR - 1451KG
    I bought the boat and trailer back in 2015, they were sitting in a guys back yard that I was eyeballing for last 12 years so I finally made a offer and he accepted.
    Mike at Sealand RV has serviced this trailer for the last 3 years and says its in great shape.
    I've done numerous additions to my boat, bigger motor, center console, lots of toys so I've added a lot of weight.
    Asking $1350. I have the trailer down at Bridgeview Marine
    Once sold, I will need to purchase my new trailer and re and re the boat so I will need a couple of days for this.

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  2. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Price dropped to $1150
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  3. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Bump - $1050
  4. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Man this crowd is tough, $950....
  5. Tightlines22

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    Have you tried putting it on Craigslist as well? You must be in the price range now.
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  6. SteelyDan

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    Double the price on craiglist because you know your going to get offered half lol
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  7. kaelc

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    Worth way more, hold on....
  8. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

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