1. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    hey Guys

    With my new boat I have to upgrade my truck to get the towing capacity. I am currently looking at a Ford F-350 with a 6.0l diesel. Truck is a 2005 lariat. Any of you own one? Would you recommend?
  2. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    I have never owned one, but I have not heard to many positive reviews about the 6L diesel from ford... do a quick google search and you will find a list of known issues with the engine.

    I chose a 3/4 ton gas truck for myself as I don't drive/ tow enough to make up for the extra costs.
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  3. Drink

    Drink Active Member

    For me it came down to sticker price as I purchased a few years back a 2004 lariat F350 diesel with very low km and in overall great body condition for the exact same reason as you mentioned for towing my 8000 pound boat and my Northern Lite 8'11' camper. I paid $12k knowing fair well of the risks related to the 6.0L Powerstroke EGR cooler, head gasket and emission system failures but in my humble opinion the Ford when it comes to the heavy duty chassis, suspension & braking systems is equal to any 350 out there. No issues too date after 5 years ( touch wood) as the truck tows comfortably and has been reliable. The previous owner had the EGR done delete prior to my purchase for $800 and I also for my comfort paid a couple of hundred dollars for a complete diagnostics at a reliable Diesel shop to sort out any apparent issues. The other above issues in particular the head gasket failure I understand will eventually happen but there are equally common fixes that last when done correctly for about 8k+ or so. I was looking for a good reliable diesel truck under $20,000 so I decided to not overlook a good deal on a 2003 - 2007 Ford F350 6.0L Powerstroke that in all likely hood some day would need some engine work. As long as the truck is in good shape you may end up with a reliable truck that will meet all your needs and the sticker shock is not off the charts.
    I am sure my comments will stir up some debate. LOL
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  4. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    I've ran 2 6L Ford welding rigs. Nothing but problems and cost more in repairs than the trucks were worth.
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  5. How much are you looking to tow ? how often will you tow and will the truck be driven as a daily driver when its not towing ?
  6. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    I am looking to tow 9750lb. The truck will primarily be used for towing the boat, doing farm related hauling, and hunting in the fall. I currently put less than 10000 per year on my truck. It won’t be a daily driver. More of a weekend warrior role
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  7. I have been able to run the following personally
    Ford 150/250/350 - Gas and Diesel (No 6.0)
    Chev 2500 - Gas and Diesel
    Dodge 3500- Only Diesel

    I also was about an 80-100 k a year person and I wouldn't keep my trucks past 150k normally. I can tell you that all of the trucks were great when they ran and junk when they broke and I have no "brand loyalty". I bought what was cheap, drove it and flipped it, usually with 2 trucks on the go at a time. Now that im done that rat race of a life I've settled on a dodge 3500 Long box - diesel and i do about 30k a year personal.

    Thing to consider

    -Your paying much more for a diesel motor, you could likely buy a newer gas truck or a nicer gas truck for the same price.
    -At 10k per year you'll be doing one service on the truck, the gas will cost you 100 bucks and diesel will cost you 400-500 (you'd want to do fuel filters on any diesel)
    -Your fuel economy towing 10,000 lbs with a gas will be 33L/100 km and doubt you'd do much better than 24L/100 from that truck. Your extra cost of service would nearly eat up any saving.
    - Repair cost - it does not matter the make or model if you have to fix a diesel its going to cost significantly more .... realistically any fuel system failure will be 4 times more with a diesel. things like injection pumps, lift pumps or injectors are pricey items. (That motor has a history of eating those parts)
    - Crime rate- Im only adding this one because the truck you looking at is one of the highest theft rates, there are videos showing thieves being in and gone in under 2 mins .... and if your boat is hooked up they get that also. As a solution to this they make steering column locks and master switches.
    - Diving a truck that much (or little) your diesel will need to warm up, and those motors dont really like the cold with poor oil; the gas you just start and drive.
    - The pulling aspect alone is where it will shine, you can leave it on cruise at 110 and drive, the gas will down shift and sound like your going to blow the motor.
    - Check the GVW, you might be surprised. I hate seeing big loads behind small trucks but i believe the new 1/2 tonnes will have a higher towing capacity than that truck. I know towing capacity does not make up for all the other parts, most people are just surprised.

    So all of those things to consider I personally would still drive a diesel but depending on the km or history of that truck i might be shy as they have been known to have a demon or two hanging in the closet, it does not that mean they are all bad but the bad ones are really bad.

    Just my 2 cents is all.
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  8. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Had a 2005 F350 and it was a great truck totally stock no upgrades and never had a problem with it. I did sell it for financial reasons and the fear that those demons were going to jump up a some point in time. Heard that just after I sold it that the head gasket issue came up on the new owner, lucky for me. He did know the risks when he bought the truck but it was in mint shape and he even said that it was still worth it after the fix.
    Once the fixes are done I believe the 6L are a good engine.
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  9. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    I’ve got a 2005 e350 ambulance with a 6.0 in it. It had a bad injector that was a bear to fix but i have to say it gets great fuel mileage now. I don’t tow with it though. But, I had a 97 dodge diesel extra cab that would pull a house. And got 800-850km a tank regardless if it was loaded or not. I wore that truck out twice before I got rid of it. I’d wager that what I spent on repairing the front end 2x and replacing the shocks, filters and oil changes is pretty close to what I saved on fuel over the 5yrs 160000km.
  10. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    So I have had pretty much exclusively diesel work trucks since about 1990. They are all great when you don't have to work on them. I'm not a mechanic but a mechanical guy, red seal tradesman.. I currently have a 6.0 l (international vt 365) that I have had for a decade. Egr delete, intake, exhaust, fuel spring and programmer that I have alerts set for pretty much everything. I'm pretty happy with this truck......I use it for a truck, tow my trailer, boat, firewood, construction projects. It gets used HARD. I like duramaxes and cummins but let's be honest there are a LOT of 6.0l driving around.

    My 2 cents.....any information wanted just send me a PM

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  11. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    6.0 l and 6.4 l fords diesels are junk. I can't believe you guys are praising them lol.
    2011 and 2012 Hemi have major lifter problem and eat cams, I believe Dodge is covering this in the US but not Canada.
    For duramax the LB7 have injector issues, LLY can have head gasket problems if heavy towing.

    If I was to buy a used truck, I would pick gasoline (except '11-12 hemi)
    Diesel engines are very expensive to repair.

    If you want a diesel, The best in order, '06-'07 GMC LBZ, Dodge Cummins '03-'04, and Ford 7.3l '99-'00 but those are getting old now.
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  12. Viking

    Viking Active Member

    Agreed. Do not buy a 6.0 or 6.4l being a red seal HD mechanic I've seen alot of 6.0 and 6.4l die. 7.3 are awesome. the newer Fords are ok. I think it's actually a Ford engine and not harvester international.
  13. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Not even sure why I bothered offering my opinion. Canso has it all figured out......buy a gasser and be done with it.
  14. Matty4x4

    Matty4x4 Member

    I’ve fixed many 6.o ford diesels and would never EVER own one. It’s not a matter of if it will break down but when. You don’t want your hunting and fishing trips ruined with an expensive repair bill.
  15. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Any idea when this breakdown will occur and what it will be?
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  16. Matty4x4

    Matty4x4 Member

    $14000 into a family’s members 6.0 top end, addressed everything. 2weeks later it’s a no start with an internal high pressure oil leak. Enough for me! I will give Ford credit on the super duty chassis and 6.0 makes power when it’s running right but it’s not a chance I’m going to take.
  17. Viking

    Viking Active Member

    6.0 engines were built with not enough head bolts. The head gaskets fail due to poor clamping pressure. The fix is to install studs and nuts. They will fail. Usually before 200 000 km
  18. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    Sorry for 6l bashing, your truck sounds like you have taken good care of it, and spent money on the right parts. But for someone to buy one with very little history is a gamble.

    I have an LLY and it has problems as well, I wouldn’t recommend one of those either.

    I’m a mechanic for a medium size fleet that includes over 200 light, medium and HD trucks.

    Because of idle time and very little freeway driving (crew trucks) our newest diesel trucks have problems with all the emission crap.
    We are purchasing more gas pots, even the 4500 and 5500’s are coming in with gas engines.
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  19. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I think it all comes down to the cost of the repairs and the low mpg now a day's due to the emissions equipment on the diesel's that make the gas option better. Our Ford F450 6.0 litre diesel service truck is still running like a champ and it is LOADED with tools, welder, etc. We service it regularly and don't drive it hard. Ever since we owned a 2003 GMC 2500 service truck with the 6.0 litre gasser, I have been impressed with the GM gas engines. Zero mechanical issues with that engine and it pulled hard. That thing rotted out on us but I still sold the cab and chassis with engine for 2g. All the guy wanted was the motor and tranny lol. I have been driving a 2011 Ford F250 with the 6.2 gas engine and 6 speed tranny and love it. Zero mechanical issues (since the 140,000kms that I've put on it and it reads 241,00 today) and tows my boat @ 6000 lbs. like it's almost not there. Up the hump or the Tofino highway. Tow's it like a champ. Most of the gas trucks are great if they are matched to a good tranny. I'm a Ford guy but I won't put down the others because they all have problems. When you read the problems on line you have to consider what the real percentage of those problems are to total units sold. In most cases, it is shockingly low. All mechanical things have problems. People just love bitching about them especially on the internet lol;):).
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  20. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    got some newer model ford 550's with the diesels at my work, they never get up to temperature and the motors arent worked hard and they are constantly having problems with the emissions stuff. they need to be loaded to the nuts once a month and worked hard to keep the check engine lights away.

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