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    As mentioned in a previous thread.....time to replace and freshen up some ol gear with some new but when browsing forums and big box stores there seems to be an endless list of options for replacing Lake trolling gear, so I'm gonna lean on you experts for recemndations for new gear.....

    Lake trolling primarily from Kokanee to Lakers,....
    I appreciate there are so many combinations to choose from, just interested in what your using and your preference...
    Down riggers used when required
    Rod ?
    Reel ?

    Thanks in advance , new to this forum and many of you have been very helpful !!
    Know several long standing good guys on on here that pointed me in this direction, so thanks boys , you know who you are !!
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    ok thanks anyways
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    If you check out some of my posts/reports here and on FWR. You will get a sense of where I go, when I go, and what I use.

    For Kokanee, I use kokanee specific trolling rods. UL action. I use baitcaster style reels on the riggers as spinning reels create a lot of line twist. I didn't want to spend extra money, so I just use existing AbuC3's reels that I had laying around.

    Load up on wedding bands, MiniG, Dick Nites, Small Hootchies and the like. Always tipped with worm, or pink brined shrimp. I use 4-5" Coyote spoon as a 'flasher' then 24" florocarbon leader to the lures mentioned prior. Also we use small sized old school dodgers that I polished up. An old "Ruby Eye Wiggler" used a dodger has been lethal at times. With no added weight.

    Fish can be anywhere from right on the surface, to 100' down. So we troll high and low until we mark them and get it dialed. It can vary day to day. When the fish are active and near the surface, I have run a miniG with no weight, and no added dodger/flasher. Works great at times and picks up some rainbows and cutties as well.

    I haven't really fished for Lakers in any meaningful way, other than a few trips to Canim a long time ago. Trolling around flatfish seemed to work, but we weren't very strategic 20 years ago.

    We do target Bull Trout on the big, local lakes. But that is some top secret stuff.
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    When fishing for bows and lakers Apexs (Chrome, Blue/Chrome, Green/Yellow), plugs by lyman the old style plugs (Shazam, #88, Trixie etc.), buck tails and spoons (Crocs, Coyote etc.) all work BCROB if you want some pics of the gear I use on okanagan and what not shoot me a pm and ill get some pics for yah! I use 10'6 mooching rods with mooching reels only whenever I fish so thats my setup along with my 1101 electric riggers, if fishing by yourself always run 1 line down on the rigger and 1 up top 1oz or weight or no weight about 150' back from the boat.
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    awesome info thank you !!
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    thank you , appreciate that

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