To bungee or not to bungee on a downrigger with braid, that is the question?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by kmcghee, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. kmcghee

    kmcghee Member

    Got my electric downriggers fixed at Rivers Sportsman in Campbell River and had both spooled with 250 pound Scotty braid. I watched the video on scottys website on putting braid onto a downrigger and the guy attached the ball to the braid via a section of gangant line with no bungee. Just wondering now how many run with a bungee or without a bungee?
  2. John s

    John s Crew Member

    My son and I run with out the bungee . To much stretch. We run braid, 6ft of tuna cord , ,good swivels and 20lb down rigger balls.
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  3. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Tried bungees. Did not find any advantage to them and they are costly to lose. I run wire to tuna cord to the ball with good swivel between. I use clip on release clips and like them clipped to the thick tuna cord rather than chancing compromising the wire. Assuming the same for braid.
  4. Downchild

    Downchild Member

    UV degrades the rubber.
    Don't use them.
    Tuna cord to the ball is all you need.
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  5. BarryA

    BarryA Crew Member

    +1 on what’s been said above. I stopped using snubbers a couple years ago and just use braid tied to a few feet of tuna cord to a coastal lock swivel to the ball. zero regrets. If you lose a ball and setup it’s cheaper too.
  6. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    I'd add that if you have a small boat and if you think you can get hung up in rocks, use the bungy. If you fish above bottom or in sand/mud, why bother?.
    Here's why: The bungy will break, leaving you with most of your gear. If you get hung up without one, where is the weak point? Midway up your DR line on a nick? at the pulley? your railing or mount?
    I got a ball back last week by circling. The bungy was twice it's length, but seems to have shrunk back to normal, but I got the ball back. Had it broken, I could keep fishing. If I can't break it off and have to cut it, then I'm out quite a bit of gear and time.
  7. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    This, swivel acts as permanent stopper too. Ran 40’ of tuna cord for sox, can run dummies easy and quick.
  8. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Really?! you must have major blowback?!
  9. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    Nope, trolling slow and relatively shallow with 20#’ers not an issue for me.
  10. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    Nope, trolling slow and relatively shallow with 20#’ers not an issue for me.
  11. Ian wagner

    Ian wagner Active Member

    Wow so many different opinions on a bungee rig to me I have never broken one but the reason I use them is it gives you a good grip to grab cannonballs but most importantly when you have rookies freespool the rigger bye accident then hit the stop leaver the bungee will hopefully save your ball
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  12. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    I changed wire out for PowerPro with 4’ of gangion on 15 or 20lb DR balls. Snubbers just not consistently reliable, salt water residue and in the sunshine is not a good combo for rubber.
  13. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    I have been using the Silver Horde green snubbers for well over 25 years - never had a failure; never rinsed but stowed outta the sun. All the pluses mentioned above; other than cost no negatives. VERY easy on the hands versus braid/tuna cord.
  14. silversands

    silversands Member

    I used to run no snubber and just tuna cord...but when I take friends out now, I put the Scotty snubber on the downrigger they are they can hit the brake hard and not snap off line. I run my side no snubber.If they are new to running the downrigger or it is set up different from the one they run..then this give a bit a safety margin. Also I do notice in a bit of swell that the snubber side has more action on the rod tip as the the snubber bounces.. I am not sure..but the snubber may impart some small up and down extra action down the line to the lure?
  15. cby

    cby Active Member

    Been using snubbers for a very long time. I am thinking at least 12 years. I used to use wire and the plastic scotty clips. I lost more balls from wire snapping. Never lost one from Scotty clip not working. I switched to wire and snubbers, still lost as many cannon balls from wire breaking and my hands getting chewed up from the wire. Then made the switch to braid and snubbers. Never had braid break yet, snubbers have never broken. I have been hooked on bottom many times and lost a few balls and setup over the years usually once or twice per year but how many I get back is great. I like the stretch of the snubber as it gives you time to retrieve your ball if you drag is setup right on downrigger. So many benefits to braid and the snubber has benefits as well. I only used 12 lb balls with fins so my thought might changed if I went to 15lbs but 12 lbs gives you the best benefit of costs with not much blow back and the fin helps on big currents. I have never had a snubber break. I have only had wire and braid snap. But braid seems to be better and stronger over the years.
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  16. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    Back in the day each manual downriver would be up/down at least 80 times per day. Wire doesn't last for shit & all those still using it probably have some bad wire. It also doesn't pack very well on the spool. Interaction between wire & the lead ball WILL produce electricity.
  17. Birdman

    Birdman Active Member

    Solution is to get the scotty pre-made set-ups with tuna cord and a bungee, and the rubber sleeve that goes over the swivel on top. A truly excellent product IMHO.
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  18. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    You don't need all the fancy stuff with braid. All this sure stop on extra stuff to get it too stop is silly. All you do is buy some gagnion line. Two overhand loops. One big one for ball and small one to attach to braid. That loop is your stopper. The length depends on your boat. Tie it using polimar knot and your done. Super cheap and easy. If you want to use sampo swivel on the large loop end you can but not necessary.

    If you get hung up it will snap fairly easily at the knot.
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