Tips For Beginner Kayak Fishing Around Parksville

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by narmbrus, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. narmbrus

    narmbrus New Member

    Hi All,

    I've recently moved to Parksville and am looking to get into some fishing in the straight. I moved from Alberta and have fished for pike, trout, walleye etc forever, however I have no clue what to/how to fish in an ocean.

    Has anyone got any suggestions for spots in the Parksville area (say Nanoose to Qualicum Beach) to take a kayak out and try to catch something this time of year? If so, what would you suggest I target and how exactly would I target that. I realize this is somewhat of a vague question, however any suggestions on how you think I could go out and enjoy some time on the water would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm familiar with rules and regs information and licensing, so that is no problem.

  2. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    I suggest you talk to Rob at Pacific Net and Twine - if they are open right now or answer their phone. He can tell you all you need and want to know.
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  3. Matthew S.

    Matthew S. Member

    One, forget salmon since those days are over though it's non-retention. This time of year they ain't close to shore so kayak won't cut it. Late summer fall you can target salmon close to shore with a kayak by spoons or jigging. Be warned, you'll have company and competition with our local bloom of sea lions. They will watch you and they will rob you of your catch. Rock fish is closed until May 1st unless they change those regs as well. Those you can target around the small islands in front of Nanoose Bay or reefs if you have a depth sounder, ultimately anywhere rocky with nice drop offs. Though to get you started, Id go to the river estuaries and target Cutthroat Trout. Non-retention for those as well. Id use an ultralight rod with 4-6b line and use spoons or spinners, preferably all silver. As of now, your not taking anything home for dinner. Until the dfo and other minorities loosen their death grip on us rec guys, either understand its all catch and release or take up freshwater fishing. Either way, have fun and have a beer for me! Good luck and welcome to Oceanside!
  4. Mike1266

    Mike1266 Member

    You can take your kayak out anywhere you want really, as long as the weather is nice. If you launch from a sandy beach try paddling out a bit and drop a line with some bait for flounders. Prawns make great bait because almost anything other than salmon will bite it. Just drop your line, bounce the bottom and repeat. Move spots if you're not producing. Around islands make good spots for rockfish and lingcod which open May 1st. Also you may encounter kelp greenling which aren't too difficult to find as well. Something to get you started unless you're one of those guys who think any fish other than salmon are useless. You can also soak a couple crab pots while you're fishing, potential to score some crabs for dinner if fishing doesn't go well.
  5. the butcher

    the butcher Well-Known Member

    Be safe and always wear a pfd. Even when the conditions are calm and flat. Goes without saying but every year there are countless cases of paddle boarders and kayakers who drown because they get capsided and weren't wearing a pfd or they go out in bad conditions. I've been out in shady conditions where I was uncomfortable in my 20ft boat and a few hundred feet away from my was a paddle boarder... Lying flat on his paddle board. The sun was reflecting off the surface of the water and you could barely seen him in the glare. Even worse, he was wearing all blue/black and blended in with the surface. Could have been a disaster waiting to happen. Be safe.
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  6. RBL

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    Look out for Rock Cod Conservation Areas before you go. Lots of them around and you don’t want to get slapped with a fine. I would recommend taking the Kayak down to Ladysmith and fish around the Gulf Islands. It’s protected water and beautiful place to explore.

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