Time to make a political stand

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    Great post Sea run. Thanks for that!

    Why or how did we get here is often asked...... Because 5% do 95 % of the lifting. Always! The 95% do squat yet bitch when its done.

    If you havent gotten involved in some way shape or form you should be ashamed of yourself for not doing any thing. And if you arent involved you have no one to blame but yourself letting it all slide.

    So many if us are our own worst enemys. Passive Canadians that dont do shat. Compared to the USA that tell their redidents to STF up and do shoot Seals and Lions of troubled runs. Also call on their FNs for Accountability.....of which we as Canadians have no spine.

    Keep letting it go like we are and you will see an end to the fishing and hunting as we know it.


    Kiss your fishing and hunting goodbye.
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