Three-million-pounds-of-flash-frozen-delicious-prawns-sittin in freezers

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Klob, Oct 16, 2020.

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    With all due respect I understand the commercial guys do that type of work to feed their families. But what pisses me off is where the hell is this originally going? If covid wasn't here and demand was normal, I assume most of this if not just about the entire lot would be going to the US and Asia or Europe. I believe the commercial sector should have quotas on what they are able to sell abroad. Keep the prawns here so that more jobs and industries and businesses like wholesalers, seafood shops, restaurants etc had access at reasonable prices. I venture to guess the overseas buyers pay more. Meanwhile last year we got screwed once again with almost a 50% reduction in the daily quota for rec. I don't blame the commercial guys... my fit is with dfo and the dumbass politicians.

    I admit I don't know all the facts but coming from the rec sector and seeing the staggering amount of our natural resources that gets taken out of the water but then to get slapped in the face by dfo which they say they do in the name of conservation like the spot prawn reduction and the 2 weeks worth we got this year for salmon fishing is a fuc*en joke.
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    Unreal, one has to wonder how much the public fishing sector spends per prawn on a full limit day that goes directly into our economy compared to commercial.
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  4. Klob

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    I've heard the problem is DFO. If they don't fish they do not qualify for tax credits and rebates for gear, EI, etc. They still make more by fishing and stockpilling. Madness
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    THIS is why your recreational fishery was cut.


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    and yet they are still 40 dollars a pound frozen at the store, Something tells me they would rather sit on inventory rather then sell them local at cheaper prices
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  7. wildmanyeah

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    I think I speak for everyone on here that we would all load up if they were available for us to purchase at a decent price.
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    It hurts my brain reading this after you were so staunchly advocating for commercial fisheries not too long ago, but I like where you're going with this...
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    Despite my general unwillingness to support commercial fisheries, I don't have a boat or prawn gear and as a human I naturally incline to seize opportunities, thus I whole heartedly agree with you.
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    These these types of threads eventually gets shut down by admin because we are treading on a political topic rather than on fishing. However, there is no separating the 2 anymore. There will be nothing left for us and future generations if we don't talk about, vent, get frustrated, understand and eventually take action(doesnt have to be violence or destruction of property) and demand chage. Yeah this is a fishing forum and not a political forum but if we cant talk about the politics involved in how decisions are made how do we find solutions that will eventually lead to change?
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    At least this particular topic doesn't need to go down a race related path, and it seems so far that there is a general consensus among forum members.
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    For the past couple years our local stores sell flash frozen deveined at sea shell on prawns from Patagonia; $7 US per pound on sale. They are a close second to Spots in terms of flavor & more tender.
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  14. fish4all

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    Pretty sure the sale and export of any seafood product goes straight into our economy. Not to mention exporting is what brings money into our economy and not the money that goes in circles.
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  15. wildmanyeah

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    not is said company is an internationally owned company then the profits get sent back to the mothership and distributed to owners and share holders. Even Canadian company's that are listed my have majority owners that are not even in this country.

    Even if the owners are in Canadian and rich odds are they have a diversify investment portfolio where most of their money will be invested out side of Canada.
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  16. WHO DAT

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    I can not stand the " RIP N SHIP" mentality in OUR resource sector ! More "VALUE ADDED" is what we need , Everyone would benefit IMHO
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  17. the butcher

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    What I am referring is an economic principal called the money multiplier effect. The more people that are involved in a transaction the more value and economic impact it has on the local economy. When our resources are exported the money and direct and indirect industries benefits those areas where the products are exported it to which is not Canada and not Canadians.
  18. ship happens

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    Bing, we have a winner
  19. trophywife

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    just like everything else in our ocean, commodity.
  20. mbowers

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    Aero Trading which was mentioned in the article has this on their website as to their ownership
    "Established and funded by Tohto Suisan Co. Ltd., one of the major wholesalers in Tsukiji Central fish market in Tokyo,"

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