Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon, catch as many as you want!

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    I kind of hoped Pam and the rest of the crew of the Martin Sheen would show up with fishing gear! Any sightings?
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    Those Atlantics look just like the farmed rainbow trout you buy in a store or the steelhead we used to farm in saltwater.

    This is a real big stink, driven by media. The industry as been around for 40 years and this isn't there there first or biggest drop to the ocean. Nothing was said when AQS dropped pens and pens of salmon in the 90's.

    People make a mountain out of a hill
  4. wishiniwasfishin1

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    Somebody has to care about this abuse of our natural salmon and these legitimate threats to our wild salmon. It matters Bones. Just because you fish farm guys are making a few bucks exploiting our resources and spreading your disease doesn;t mean we have to agree with your tripe.
    I am really getting sick of the 'nothing to see here' line you guys spew. Its filth, the industry is filth, the meat is total crap.....get them out of the ocean once and for all.
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    Some things defy logic.
    Open Net Pen Fish Farms send all their antibiotics and other drugs into the ocean to control disease and sea lice
    AND to control this ugly infection (yellow mouth, a bacterial infection) even more drugs flushed into the ocean.
    And now on top of that, thousands of these diseased farmed Atlantic salmon are swimming freely with our precious salmon.
    Not to worry say some, as they assume no harm will come???
    Sorry ADMIN. Had to get this off my chest…suspend me if you like
    some defy.jpg
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  6. tincan

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    Is it just me or does this mangled fish farm kinda look like one of the deformed atlantic salmon they produce? tail on the left, mouth on the right?? or am I just seeing things ;)

    very apropos

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  8. agentaqua

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  9. agentaqua

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    Hard to take this article seriously when it begins with:

    Emilee Gilpin is an intern with The Tyee as a part of Journalists for Human Rights’ Emerging Indigenous Intern program. She is of Saulteaux-Cree Métis, Filipina, Scottish, Irish and British ancestry and is currently trying to uphold her responsibility as a visitor on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

    I had a Monty Python flashback for some reason.
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  11. bones

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    i'm not a fish farm guy nor do i make a "few bucks" from the industry, this is your opinion and your entitled to it. it does prove my point tho, the media has instilled this opinion because nothing can be proven by people that have spent a large portion of money from DFO to study farming and have come up with nothing other than "least polluting farmed protein source". people out there have opinions i get it, but also 99% of them have never set foot on a pen system..... again like last year its August the most stressful month on farms, i cant believe no disease videos yet......

    your time would be in my opinion better spent asking DFO why Alaska took all your sockeye and chinook salmon this year, i mean why did they not let any pass through and why was the treaty breached at 130 million pieces. this is what is killing your salmon.
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  12. Whole in the Water

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    More people overtime are supporting the idea that concerned citizens' time is well spent working to get these unsustainable, chemically dependant, salmon feedlots out of the marine environment and onto the land where their negative environmental impacts can be better contained and managed!
  13. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    I think the keyword in your post is "idea". Particularly since clos d containment salmon farms haven't had much success. Here in bc the nagmis closed containment operation is looking for additional investors after 4 or 5 years of production.
  14. ziggy

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    Have to wonder how much good it is protesting in front of DFO in Canada when the Fish Farm was in the US? And why do they keep mentioning "near Victoria " as opposed to near Seattle etc. The uninformed may be led to believe this happened in Canada! The protesters need to cross the border and protest Washingtons Fish Farms as well as ours, but they won't. Hmm.
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  15. Whole in the Water

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    You missed the point. It was the idea that more people over time are coming against net pen salmon feedlots, not the use of land based fish farms. The practice of land based fish farms will improve over time and become the better, less harmful method to raise farmed fish. Just a matter of time.
  16. wishiniwasfishin1

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    God point -
    And who says everyone should be able to eat salmon? They are very good protein and a healthy part of a person's diet - the wild ones. Why should we take this genetic masterpiece and mutate it, pump it full of chemicals and call it salmon? If the price paid for the meat results in f'ing up the environment, maybe the price is too low? And if the proper and most sustainable way to breed these atlantics is on land, and it costs more - the maybe that's the price people should be paying....
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  17. Birdsnest

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    Do you fellas think closed containment really has a chance. With all the efforts to vilifie the product. The actual flesh with massive campaigns about pcbs and fats and feed sources. None of that changes in closed containment yet it misteriously becomes a none issue when claiming it to be the solution.
    It's a pretty hypocritical position to have on the issue and it isn't going to making closed containment farmed salmon any more attractive to the concerned citizen consumer.
    I know the response. It's always well it's better than in the ocean. But you prefer your free range chicken and free Range grass fed beef. The argument of closed containment from this perspective is week for the reasons I mention and your not fooling every one however some people will fall for it.
  18. SpringVelocity

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    They are here. Guy just posted he got one at pender bluffs today.
  19. Michael kirk

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    Google the name Alexandra Morton and watch the video Salmon Confidential. I made an immediate donation to the cause after watching that video and reading other articles of hers. Ocean farming of salmon needs to stop now, period.

    DFO controls the oceans but the provincial government grants the leases to the fish farms. Contact your local elected official and ask them when they intend to address this travesty. No salmon fisherman who is informed on the issue, and cares about the future of wild salmon, would defend the rearing of these frankin fish.
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  20. agentaqua

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    I think you are right, BN - there are many reasons why the current form of open net-cage Atlantic aquaculture is unsustainable - thanks for pointing that out!

    However, at the MINIMUM - the wild stocks have to be protected. That's why I am against the open net-cage technology - everything flows both in and/or out of the cages - including lice, disease organisms, poop, and now recently - Atlantic salmon.

    If other people who don't know the differences in both taste and sustainability (mostly the urban consumer that does NOT live on the Pacific Coast and/or is familiar with wild Pacific salmon, and largely in the states) wish to eat farmed salmon - that is of course their choice. I think the industry - as a whole - is pretty near maxed-out wrt forage fish supplies.

    I believe that if you want to farm Atlantics - it should be mandatory that closed containment is used. And there are also other types of aquaculture and aquacultured organisms.
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