Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon, catch as many as you want!

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    Market demand:

    Port of Seattle imports twice the amount of Atlantic salmon fillets as is locally produced in commercial pens. Indus-
    try is interested in expanding its operations in Washington to meet market demand. This project will make Washington better prepared
    for any potential future expansion and help ensure our response is based on the best information and suitable safeguards.

    Which means its not going away anytime soon.
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    What is the life span in the states of a fish farm before decomision?BC says 20 years .Why was this farm in opperation after 30 years?
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    First three have sea lice and wounds from sea lice.4 -6 have no visual sign of sea lice problem.
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    Yeah and those bottom 3 have faces only a mother could love.
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    Come on guys look at that pic! Please tell me your farmed fish dont look like that. That's brutal.
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    Bonk those atlantics and feed them to the seals they look like there's some issues with their mouths. Look deformed to me
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    They sell fillets - not smiles, SV. Pretty bad, eh? No need for genetic rigour/highgrading if you get pellets fed to you - just need a shovel-face.
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    From the link in the first post......

    He said the fish were placed in the pens in May 2016 and treated for yellow mouth, a bacterial infection, in July 2016. He said the fish that escaped are believed to be healthy and disease-free. “We have no concerns about disease at this point.”
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    Those Atlantics look the same as the Fraser Valley strain of Rainbows stocked in many lakes, mouths and tails damaged by nets. Gross. Good for 'Take your kid fishing in a pond' event but not suitable for anything else.
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    So...what's the life cycle of an Atlantic?

    Chinooks, for the most part, take off up north for several years and then return to their native birth point to spawn then die.

    Let's say an Atlantic was born in a west coast river here. What's it likely to do and where does it go (if it goes anywhere at all) and how long for?

    Do they return to their native birth river and then spawn and die?

    They tried introducing Atlantics on Vancouver island back in the early 1900's. I believe it was the river fly fishermen who thought this would be a good idea then ( not sure though).
    Anyway they didn't seem to flourish at all.

    People say they've caught them now and again once in a blue moon....but you never see any pictures.
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    Look at these lower three ..... They don't even look healthy, YUK! Unexcersized, they look softer then hot pup shat!

    If people only could see the difference when their ordering off a menu, never eaten that crap, never will. WOW!
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    That pic should be all over SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE FBook! Wow that is a terrific example of healthy Wild strain compared to farmed junk!

    Get them off our coastlines!
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    The mouths on those Atlantics don't seem like they could bite any real food or even a fishing hook.
    Without their precious supply of food pellets, I don't think they can survive very long.
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    Atlantic salmon are more like our Steelhead trout than Pacific Salmon.
    They can return many times to their "home" river to spawn over a few years before they die.
    Check out the attachment especially from 1991 onward.

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    I've got no use for groups like PETA or others like it but they need to see these pics.
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    Good questions, observations and comments, Seafever.

    John Volpe ( did a number of studies a few years back on the ability of Atlantics to colonize Pacific streams. He even had to construct his own stream in a gravel pit for mainly political reasons. What he observed was that when steelhead fry numbers are low - there is an opening for Atlantics to colonize - as mcallagan stated. That's because both juvies more-or-less have the same needs wrt habitat. They both need faster water for rearing juvies - and the Atlantic juvies have large pectoral fins that they use to wedge in rocks to stay facing in the current in those faster waters.

    So - to follow the arguments by the pro-farm lobby:
    1/ Atlantics can't colonize streams in the Pacific - then they did in a few.
    2/ Well they aren't self-supporting - then they found juvies.
    3/ Then those juvies were an outlier - and Atlantics can't complete a full life cycle - and then they found 2 yr olds juvies in a creek or 2.
    4/ Ok - well those died off then.

    Those juvies MAY HAVE died off - but we really don't know for sure as the Atlantic salmon watch streamwalks were terminated in 2012 - some years ago:
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