Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon, catch as many as you want!

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    Cooke - AGAIN!
  3. Wow, that's not good at all! Also, it seems bogus to me that the solar eclipse had anything to do with big tides, and there's no excuse to not have their equipment in a good state of repair and designed to withstand any forecast tidal currents.
  4. GLG

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    Shift the blame and point the finger to the solar eclipse so it's not their fault in the public's mind. Classic spin from a company that has leadership challenges.
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    “The company, Cooke Aquaculture, blamed "exceptionally high tides and currents coinciding with this week's solar eclipse" for the failure of the net pen near Cypress Island”

    The company's statement did not say when the fish escaped, and no one was available for an interview, but the Seattle Times has reported the fish started being caught in the Puget Sound on Sunday

    Guess the 2nd statement kinda contradicts the first one. How can they think that this excuse will hold water?
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    The last time I heard of a rearing facility breaking was philips arm bc fish escaping was on the day the new ferry (Hardy -Prince Rupert)passed by chatham point for the fist time.At that time the salmon ranchers of S/E Alaska shamed BC for rearing atlantic salmon.on the lighter side ,there should be more slow moving food for killer whales and seals in puget sound ,and may even add camoflage for wild fish to return.
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    Maybe the farm worker looking at the eclipse tripped on the pens and set them adrift. Not sure how else one can blame a "solar eclipse" for letting fish loose. jessshhh...
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    According to tide and curent predictions, bigger tides and stronger currents were experienced during the new moon in July. Poor maintenance of anchor tackle coming back to bite them, me thinks.
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    Roger-dodger cuttle! You pegged it - the eclipse is irrelevant to water currents - but the new and full moons mean spring tides. Add to that some extra algal growth on the pens that could have been better cleaned - poor anchorage design - maybe also poor choices in both net assembly floats and location - and Bob's your Atlantic salmon...
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    Think how happy the local seals will be!
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    Strange how easy it is to forget Washington has fish farms? Never seem to hear much about them.
  12. I had the same thought too. Also, it seems like this fish farm operator Cooke has had previous problems. I think fish farms need to be tank based operations on land. The ocean pens present too much risk and are prone to damage and escapement.
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    Yeah, if you operate in the ocean you should at the very least learn how to read a tide book. Seems even the basics are ignored.
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    Does anyone know if the fish will school up with say, pinks schools and head up their natal rivers together? Possibility of hybridization?

    Or with the Atlantics pretty well roam aimlessly for a bit before dying off from predation, age, etc? I mean, how able are these fish to forage/hunt for food to sustain themselves?
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    There is no chance of hybridization. Considering the only food these fish know are pellets, they have nothing to trigger a freshwater migration, and they are completely naïve to predators, I think this is a non issue.
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    I can remember in the 90's a bunch of signage on the Chehalis river telling anglers to bonk Altantics if they catch any. And there were some caught. I think there was a story on it in BC Outdoors way be then.
  17. agentaqua

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    I think you are right Dave - there is no chance of hybridization with Pacifics. That doesn't mean there are no concerns wrt impacts to wild stocks. PRv transmission and other related disease issues could easily happen. A "non-issue" to the fish farm proponents, maybe...
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    Please go fishing, Washington state says after farmed Atlantic salmon escape broken net
    Originally published August 22, 2017 at 7:00 am Updated August 23, 2017 at 8:35 am
    "Anchor lines to the pens broke Saturday afternoon"
    "Nell Halse, vice president of communications for Cooke...dismissed any environmental concern, saying the fish would not survive and that native fish were not at risk."
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  20. Dave

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    You are of course right agent, it is possible these Atlantic's could transmit a disease to Pacific's but we know that hasn't happened in 40 odd years of salmon farming here on the Pacific coast. What is more likely to happen is these Atlantic's will pick up IHN from our Pacific's.

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