The true recreational fisherman are getting BLINDSIDED

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    Commercial sports fishers

    By Al Newton, Comox Valley Echo February 8, 2011

    After reading many letters in the local papers about the ongoing halibut allocation issues, I am starting to see what is really happening to this resource.

    For many years now the quota has been divided 88% to the commercial sector and 12% for the sport sector. The problem now is that the 12% allocated to the "recreational sports fishers" is being infringed upon by the "commercial sport fishery" such as fishing lodges, guided charters etc.

    These are commercial businesses that are providing services to clients from all over the world. The key word here is "BUSINESS".

    They are a commercial business out there to make a profit off of the halibut allocated to the recreational sector. As a commercial venture they should be required to obtain their own quota to run these ventures just like any other commercial halibut fisher has to do.

    If you want to see just how many charter outfits and fishing lodges there are out there reaping a profit off the backs of the sport sectors allocation, just go on the internet and search under fishing guides and lodges. There are hundreds of them all up and down the coast.

    I wonder if all the true "sport fishers" realize that all these charter fishing businesses and lodges are trying to make a living off of their (the true sport fishers) halibut allocation.

    Like any other commercial business they should have to garner their own halibut quota to supply their clients with fish and not take it out of the true recreational fisher's allocation.

    Al Newton
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    Frick people are dumb.
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    well said im with you Al Newton
  4. lorneparker1

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    you guys should make out
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    There one and the same....

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    Us "rec fishers" pay to go out too..... the cost of running and maintaining "our" boats isn't cheap. Please explain to me what a guide has (if anything) to do with what you are trying to push???
    They take out "Rec fisherman" that pay for their licenses just like the rest of us...Guides also cover the costs of maintaining their rig.... gear.... bait... moorage and so on... At the same time its a freaking job.
    Not sure what your agenda is nor am I seeing anyone buying into the crap you are peddling

    Good day..... spit out something useful
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    So i guess all the canadians we guides take out shouldn't be allowed to catch halibut with out paying for quota on top of my charter rates. These Canadian buy a fish license just like the canadians with there own boat, there's no difference.

    Kelly get rid of this dork he has nothing construtive to say,he just keeps beating a dead horse about com sport.
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    truth hurts lone pecker sport commerical screwing recreational allication
  9. Lipripper

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    Do explain this sport commercial aspect?

    Take your head out of yer arse and do some reading.........
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    you do it for MONEY thats commerical with free axcess to recreational allication. Canadians with there own boats do it for fun thats called recreational THATS THE DIFFERENCE
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    So we'll cut off the recreational anglers that don't have access to a boat...... Do you see where you are going here yet?

    Buying into the plan is something that we should not be considering....

    Now move along
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    Isn't oprah on...

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    BTW...... found a pic of you on the interwebs
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    look familiar....can you say spell checkkkk....too funny...grade seven maybe....

    you do it for MONEY thats commerical with free axcess to recreational allication. Canadians with there own boats do it for fun thats called recreational THATS THE
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    80% of people we take out are Canadian...and theyyy have the right to fish their resources...they buy a license and want to catch fish that are rightfully need to clarify how you want to make it so no Canadians who don't own a boat can get THEIR fish?!?! DO TELL!
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  17. Lipripper

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    Not being a guide myself....... I bet I would have a batch of insta friends willing to contribute gas $$ If sport rec divides us......

    BTW KC.... PM incoming about those reels.... we gotta move on them now(sorry for not being in touch). I have a plan an will PM ya after hali fishin tomorrow..
    And a bag of douche?? Is it worse being the bag or the unit itself?[​IMG]
  18. King_Cod

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    Sounds good Lipripper.
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    Hey numb nuts, if the guide kept the fish and sold it you would have a valid point. The sport fishers we supply a boat and knowledge to get to keep what they legally are allowed. For many this is the only way they can access the sport fishery. Many people I take out don't have the confidence to operate a boat on the ocean. Their comfort level is limited to small fresh water lakes where they feel somewhat safe on their own.
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    No disrespect meant but being that I was born, raised, live and work on the west coast, I feel that east of the rockies should have the same access to the fish on this coast, as we have access to their resouces. the day I can cross the rockies and fill my truck with a tank of gas every day for $22/yr (instead of $100/wk) is the day I am willing to "share" our common property resource with theirs.
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