The Rise of the Drug-Running Remote-Controlled Sem

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    The Rise of the Drug-Running Remote-Controlled Semi-Submarines

    Drug lords have been using homemade subs to ferry cocaine to the US from Columbia for a few years but the machines are getting more sophisticated, sometimes employing remote control systems.

    The subs aren't really subs, they always have a portion of the ship above water. But at less than 18 inches of height above sea level, they're hard to detect using radar, despite being anywhere from 40-80 feet, carrying from 4-12 tons of the white stuff and 4 people. (Or none if being remote controlled!) They are reported to go slow and steady using diesel engines and up to 1500 gallons of fuel. They can make the trip at 6-12 knots in a single tank. As if they could refuel anywhere. The ships take over a year to make from fiberglass/wood or steel, and cost $2m. Not a whole lot of money since one load can take almost $200m of cargo from Ecuador to San Diego.

    Here's a worrying thought:
    "...if you can move that much cocaine, what else can you put in that semi-submersible. Can you put a weapon of mass destruction in it?" Navy Adm. Jim Stavridis, Commander, U.S. Southern Command






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  2. bee15

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    no worries about taking on big waves in that. but no thanks in the fog.
  3. Brisco

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    These guys should be using Boston Whalers, at 67 m.p.h. they would be there in no time. ;)
  4. Sushihunter

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    I think that is what they are trying to avoid. Small fast boats would attract the attention of the Coast Guard. These boats, travelling at night would be very hard to see either on radar or visually.

    My question is: "Where do you mount the downriggers?" [:eek:)]

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  5. TenMile

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    It is a downrigger!!!
  6. 264winmag

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    good one Brisco :D
  7. Dogbreath

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    Saw some of that kind of action when I was in Colombia 5 years ago, on the Pacific coast.

    Not the subs just a tramp long liner pretending to be fishing, setting a long line in water that was way too shallow but would hopefully fool any satellite into thinking they actually were actually fishing not waiting, waiting, waiting.

    It was about 5 miles from the creek in my sig line photo.

  8. The whalers work fine[8]

    Take only what you need.
  9. Sea Ranger

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    I think this was posted somewhere on here a while ago but it's still a great boat for drug
  10. Last Chance

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    You're going to need one of those things to beat the rest of the fleet to a hali spot this spring on opening day!

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  11. Bows Up

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    Beauty layout boat for ducks and geese. Thirty hunters off Stanley Park in that puppy would put a dent in the goose population.

    Hearing protection mandatory. Oh my.
  12. 2000 HP !!!???[:0]


    Take only what you need.

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