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    DFO and the "ENGO's" all have paid biologists who devote their careers to scientific study of the salmon stalks, and SRKW's for that matter. It doesn't seem to matter what data they come up with, our argument here is that it's political, big brother out to screw the rec fishermen. The stalks are in trouble. We all know that. Please direct me to PSF studies that disprove their findings. Show me science that contradicts the decline of the early Fraser runs.
    I'm all for whatever enhancement projects rec fishermen are involved in. I've never once made criticism of that. All of the DNA samples and CWT heads sent in are used in their science. As will the electronic reporting of chinook catches. But I've seen criticism previously here that they will use it against "us". In my opinion, it isn't just about us. It's about the future of the fishery in general. Everybody took a hit. Like it or not, FN have treaty rights to access of the fishery. Does it get abused, of course it does, and I've spoken out against black market fish sales. This has been a long developing problem, and then climate and oceanic anomalies have only worsened the problem. We, white industry, have caused a lot of spawning stream degradation, and allowed it to go on for years, whether it be forestry, mining or other natural resource management failures. Pre 2000's commercial practices led to change. You don't see the by catch floating out in the JDF or Johnstone Strait like you did in the 90's and earlier. Change needs to occur, sooner than later. Declines in enforcement of fisheries didn't start with this current fed government. The DFO needs funding badly to enhance enforcement efforts. We have so few enforcement personnel given the vast coastline we are fortunate to have.
    As I have said a number of times, I don't like the new regs any more than anyone else. I don't like the fact it will affect livelihoods and to some extent, communities that rely on the almighty tourism buck. I don't like the amount of fish farms scattered all over the coast. I don't like the lack of DFO presence on all parts of the Fraser. That's an easy fix. Financial investment by our government, whoever it is in power at any given time to provide the funding necessary to provide manpower and equipment for meaningful enforcement. I'd like to see more federal money to local enhancement groups. That's the part we can play, effectively. I'm not talking about strictly hatchery rearing. I'm talking about reclaiming habitat that surrounds salmon bearing streams through upgrading regulations on what industry can and can not do anywhere in the vicinity of a salmon bearing stream. I could go on and on.
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    I think you missed my point...why are you taking a run at what the rec sector brings to the table??

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