The 2014 Bamfield Tuna Shootout!

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  1. kelly

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    With the arrival of a new year, we are ready to open registration for the "2014 Bamfield Tuna Shootout. As it stands 26 tickets are already spoken for by participants from last years event. We will be sending an email out shortly to these entrants with more information. That means, at this time, 24 tickets will be going on sale with a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to keep a running tally on how many are left as we move forward.

    Registration and payment will be by cheque, made out to "The Bamfield Tuna Shootout". Upon receiving cheques we will deposit them into the derby account and a receipt and numbered ticket will be mailed back to confirm registration. Please email or PM myself for the address and any questions in regards to registration. Many of the final details are still a work in progress but in building from last year, we can guarantee this will be a one of a kind event you don't want to miss. More accommodations and moorage will be available this year, further information will be announced closer to the date. In addition to this thread we will also be creating a derby page that will be posted at a later date.

    For those of you who missed last year, a full derby recap from last year can be found on the link below. Crews battled tough weather but the event was a huge success. We recently found a suitable project for last years proceeds. It is a privately funded net pen design, located in Port Alberni. 100,000 smolts will be reared in a pen behind Hohm Island in the Port Alberni Harbour. PM myself, Searun or Derby for more info on the project. Contact Jeff Nish (Osama) and myself for any general inquiries about the event.


    The Event

    The Bamfield Tuna Shootout is Western Canada’s first interactive Tuna derby, first occurring informally in 2011 and 2012. It began with three boats and ten anglers in its first year but has since seen significant growth. 2013 was the first organized event and it successfully attracted over 25 boats and 100 anglers. With the derby and Albacore fishery quickly gaining popularity, 2014 looks to be on track for reaching a cap of 50 boats.

    Main objective:
    Promote and expand interest in sport fishing for Albacore Tuna on the West Coast of Vancouver Island resulting in an extended fishing season. The tournament will allow for increased safety and an emphasis on sharing information will allow fishermen to gain important knowledge of the emerging fishery. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Non-Governmental Organizations dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Pacific Fisheries. Specific projects will be declared closer to the derby date.

    Due to the fishery occurring 40-60 miles offshore, calm weather conditions must be prevalent before any fishing can occur. The derby will span over 8 days (Sept 12th-20th) which will better ensure the chances of suitable conditions. On days where weather prevents Tuna fishing there are other options for Salmon and bottom fish closer to shore. On the final night of the 20th there will be a wrap up party to conclude the derby.

    The entry fee is $500 per boat, with no occupant limit. Please contact us through email ( for entry.

    Included with entry:
    Details of entry prizes will be determined at a later date, when sponsorships and supporters are finalized. Last year all participants received a captains bucket loaded with goods, complimentary beer, a comprehensive Albacore seminar courtesy of Q-Cove Tackle and significant draw prizes (reels, rods, GPS', trips etc).

    General Rules:

    * Further rules will be distributed to captains during the event and current rules are subject to change. By entering the Bamfield Tuna Shootout all participants agree to accept the ruling of the Bamfield Tuna Shootout Advisory board.

    Placing & Prize breakdown:

    Top prizes will be awarded to the heaviest 4 fish aggregate weights


    Secondary prizes will be based off of the weights of individual fish

    Largest Albacore Tuna- To be determined
    Smallest Albacore Tuna-To be determined

    Most Helpful Captain (as voted by entrants on final night)- To be determined

    *Prizes will be awarded to entered boats, not individual fisherman. It is the responsibility of captains and crews to determine how they allocate winnings.

    Weigh Ins:
    To maximize fishing opportunities, weigh in times will be offered both in the evenings and mornings. Location and times are still being determined and will be announced at a later date.

    * Due to Albacore Tuna being warm blooded, each fish must be thoroughly bled and properly iced before weigh in. Failure to do so will result in spoiled meat and potential disqualification.

    Additional Rules and information:
    All crew members require BC Tidal Licenses
    Trading of fish between boats is strictly prohibited
    If weather conditions are determined dangerous, all boats will be asked to abort offshore runs
    A predetermined derby VHF channel will be released during the derby. Entrants will be asked to monitor it and channel 16 (Coast Guard) for safety purposes at all times.
    *Contestants failing to follow rules risk elimination and forfeiture of any prizes. All disputes will be settled by the Bamfield Tuna Shootout advisory board.

    Sponsorship Opportunity:
    Sponsors for this year are still being accepted. Please contact us by email ( for further information.
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  2. Bod

    Bod Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Going to be a good one!
  3. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Outstanding event. Thanks for working so hard to put this together. I really like how you have linked the event to helping enhance fish stocks in our area. First class.
  4. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    I'm in.. :)
  5. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Kelly is a hard old man to do business with! :cool:
  6. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    The Sculpin and her crew will be there for sure :cool:.

    Awesome stuff guy's. Thank you for all the hard work. This is the go to event of the year!!!
  7. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    GET SUM!!! BOYYYYY!!!!

    Should be a gooder. Looking forward to last years crew and can't wait to meet the new recruits!!
  8. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    This is of the best times you can have on the Coast!!! Awesome work boys...this will be THE EVENT of the year AGAIN!!!

    I call the couch v-bagging by Maybe this year though....
  9. BearCove

    BearCove Crew Member

    The Hardy Boys will be there, no doubt about it!

    $10,000 main prize, that's sick!

    Sept can't come soon enough.
  10. vic-tory

    vic-tory Guest

    Definitely on my to do list.
  11. dfrase

    dfrase Active Member

    looks awesome! but should be in the derby section, no?
  12. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I think Kelly mentioned when it is all official it will be posted there. It get's more attention in the Saltwater section, so I can see why he posted it here:cool::D.

  13. dak

    dak Member

    I'm in... cant wait!
  14. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Has anyone sent emails and not heard back? A few people said they emailed but I didn't receive them. Just want to make sure the address is working.
  15. NootkaSounder

    NootkaSounder Member

    Is there any guides able to fish tuna? I have never done it would like to see the action.
    would like to book to get a boat.
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  16. SophiaB

    SophiaB Banned

    IM pretty sure finding a guide to take you tuna fishing will be a lot easier this year than any other year in the past. I see a lot of places offering it now.
  17. Tidal Chaos

    Tidal Chaos Active Member

    I believe Trophy Hunter charters in Bam Town maybe able to help you out; or there are a couple of outfits in Tuff as well!
  18. Bod

    Bod Well-Known Member

    Did you get mine a couple of days ago?
  19. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    There are going to be far more guided trips out of tofino than ever this year. I think the deal is you book your salmon trips and if tuna weather appears then you get to go tuna fishing and there will be an extra fuel surcharge. I doubt you can just book a tuna trip UNLESS you gamble on last minute and search for a last minute booking hoping the weather pans out. If the weather crumbles then you are going salmon fishing or loosing your deposit on the trip if you do not go.
    I bet if a guy did the last minute gamble if he/she kept trying would eventually be able to land a trip. If I was doing this I would get on the net and the phone and make a call list or get put on a call list. When you see good weather then start calling all the guides who are doing tuna. They'll find you a trip.

    Orrrrrr... get on a boat at the shoot out.
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  20. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    60 tonne ticket and insured? i am working on this so i can tuner guide..

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