Terminal Fisheries for Big Fish

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  1. Bruce P

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    I believe an undersize was caught tonight. saw someone at the cleaning table as we made our way back to Corilair. No new tyee on the board so I expect it was undersize. We lost one tonight, but difficult to say if it would have been over 30. Saw it come out of the water and rowed out of the pool with it but pulled the hook. Still exciting. we did not see anyone else boat a fish. After combining my totals with the weighmaster, there have been about 17 fish caught (plus or minus two fish) two of which have been 30 or over.
  2. Bruce P

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    Spoke to the weighmaster. Nothing caught yesterday.
  3. Bruce P

    Bruce P Member

    Only one 20 lb spring caught tonight. So much for the alleged rowboat slaughter.

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