Tales From The Tyee Pool........2018

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Dave H, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Greetings once again from the headquarters of my Tyee Pool Tour Guide services and I hope everyone is well, happy and catching the odd fish.

    Today, opening day, finds me behind the eight-ball and the boat is not quite ready as yet, but will be launched soon.

    Faithful fans will recall we went one for six from my boat last year, a dismal record at first glance, but there are reasons for lost fish and as always, few of those reasons are the fault of the rower, something one learns quickly after becoming a rower. LOL

    Sure, I learned I did the wrong thing when Diane hooked up and her sister Sharon got involved which resulted in my making a bad choice of things to do and the resultant lost fish.

    Call it a learning experience.

    But I'm claiming innocence in having anything to do with the other four that came loose, one on the fifth jump, one hooked by hand during a weed check, one coming loose on a jump some 60' away and the last one just simply shook the hook.

    I know.

    I was there.

    Most of you are aware this year will allow but one fish per day for the rod-holder/angler so I'm anticipating much more in the way of catch and release with fewer under-sized ones taken as we'll all be more discerning about what is killed, particularly if it's an obvious under.
    Should you wish a fish just for the fish then no problem taking it but you will have to stop fishing then.

    Obviously we rowers can row more than one fish per day as long as we use different anglers.

    The past couple of months have seen a couple of major events in my life use up time I should have spent on the boat, but it'll be ready to rock and looking good very soon.

    I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated as best I can and hopefully I'll be able to achieve a few more hook-ups this year, ideally with some of my long-suffering but faithful rod-holders, bless them all.

    Don't expect much until the fish arrive, and nobody knows when that may be.

    Until then............................

    Take care.
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  2. Mako 22

    Mako 22 Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Dave, I always enjoy your posts.

    Some nice fish showing up on our side of the border. A 31 pound hatchery chinook was caught at Freshwater bay Wednesday around 7AM. So maybe some will stray up your way!
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  3. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite posts all year. Good luck to you and yours on the up coming season.
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  4. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    I have been waiting for this post. This will be your year. Good luck.
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  5. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Right on it's back. I was going to put up a post just a couple days ago asking where is the annual Tyee Pool post. Then I checked the date on when it usually starts I knew then to wait a few days.

    Looking forward to the reports Dave and thanks.
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  6. My favorite time of year. Good luck this year Dave.
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  7. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member

    great to hear of the tails again this year, and hopefully a chance of to go out with you again this year
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  8. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Hello Dave.Glad to see your back at it again .Hope you get a few "bell ringers" this year,and thanks for this entertaining thread you post every summer.
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  9. Geno

    Geno Member

    good luck in the pool!
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  10. Mako 22

    Mako 22 Well-Known Member

    I found these on ebay last year: Interesting spoons. Might work in your area.


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  11. Stosh

    Stosh Well-Known Member

    Great to hear you are back at it again. Can’t wait ro read your reports and hear about your adventures in the pool.
    Good luck this season.
    I’m hoping to head up there again soon
    Keep up the great work
    Adios Amigo
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  12. gone fishin

    gone fishin Active Member

    Hi Dave
    Love reading your great Tyee Pool posts.
    If I can reminisce a bit from when we would come up and stay on "the farm" near Frenchmen's Pool, in one of the shacks on the water just below where Mike and Janet Rippingale lived.
    You may recall Mike was head guide at Painters Lodge.
    That was about 50 years ago...we were just 20 year old kids but had done a lot of cut plugging in Cowichan Bay and came up to try it for Tyee.
    Rushed out the first night and Mike and others were rowing Tyee Pool.
    We came into the sidelines of the Pool with our cut plug herring on the evening tide and proceeded to pull out not one but two Tyee around 35 pounds each.
    When we retuned to "the farm", where Mike and Janet had their home, Mike stormed in and yelled out 3 orders.
    We fished the next two days in French Men's and got a few more Tyee. So long ago, can't remember the exact number.
    We would come up in the Spring and do REALLY well in Duncan Bay fishing live bait or jerking and in the summer have great fun Bucktailing in 12' of water on the sand bar west of Marina Island.
    Not to mention fishing the Bluffs, Quathiaski Cove, Cape Mudge the can bouy etc.
    According to Mike we were the first to cut plug in the Campbell River area.
    Mike would always know where the fish were and we made many trips to Campbell River for Springs and Coho.
    That was a long time ago and much has changed.
    Please forgive me for this self serving post, but have a glass of wine and was just in the mood for a little reminiscing.
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  13. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Awesome stuff!! LMAO at Mike's admonitions.

    And you'll only be forgiven if you share some more with us.

    Actually, I'd be stoked if some of you others here shared stories reasonably relevant to the Tyee Pool and encourage you all to do so.

    Thanks and.................

    Take care.
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  14. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Hi and I recall these from last year. Beauties and a great find for sure.

    Not sure how well they'd work being trolled slowly and despite having a 45 pounder to my credit caught on a spoon I'm much more of a plug guy myself.

    When I get a chance I'll show your pics to some others who are more spoon oriented and see what they say.

    Thanks for sharing them here.

    Take care.
  15. Mako 22

    Mako 22 Well-Known Member

    I bought them more as an addition to my collection. I have had thoughts of using one but hate the thought of tarnishing one in the salt water!
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  16. Oly1

    Oly1 Well-Known Member

    Great to see the Tyee Pool tales back again. This is your year for sure Dave. Can’t wait to hear the tales of the bells being rung.

  17. doonhamer

    doonhamer Member

    wife and I watched a couple of boats working in the pool last night , you one of them ? one a rower and fisher, the other appeared to be a rower and two fishers ..huge landing net that moby himself would scared of.
  18. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Not me 'cause my boat is still in pieces being severely massaged in a friends backyard.

    Hoping to have it ready soon.

    See ya around maybe.

    Take care.
  19. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Always loved your Tyee Pool thread Dave H.

    Although never being able to fish it.......and tangle up with a biggin Smiley....... I still continue to dream too.
  20. Rockymtns

    Rockymtns Member

    Great to see the thread started, I was waiting for it and read the last few years threads for reminders and excitement. I can't wait to get out in the pool with you again and this time its not so early so better chances when I'm there. I sure wouldn't mind being the rod holder to get your good streak going and who knows maybe this is your year Dave. At any rate I know I am counting the days down now and its coming fast, fishing has been pretty hot this year around there lets hope it continues to have a hot year in the pool! Dreaming about it daily now lol

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