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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Dave H, Jul 15, 2017.

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    A Guy back in the mid 80's was a kayak regular (way before it was as popular as today) and fished for a number of years in a row, and did catch a Tyee under the club's rules/regs. I don't recall the name/date/size etc. but it did happen. No reason it can't happen again!
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    Looking forward to some good stories this year along with the rest of us on here. I might be able to go for my first row in late August so I'm hoping that works out.... just trying to get time off work and make sure my rower is available. I checked the website rules and see that C&R is encouraged, which is contrary to what I've heard from some fishermen in the past (who woulda guessed a fisherman lies??!!). ha, anyways, I'll be happy to get out for a row and if I get a hit, or even a big fish that would be a bonus.

    from - http://www.tyeeclub.org/regulations/#Qualification '

    7. Catch and Release button.

    Catch and release has been used for many years by anglers throughout the world in an effort to conserve
    fish stocks. Scientists now agree, generally, that the survival rate of released fish is sufficiently high
    enough to have a beneficial effect upon fish population. The Tyee Club offers, for sale, a Catch and
    Release button to any angler who chooses to release, rather than take, a salmon, providing the following
    conditions are met:

    • -the angler must be an active or life member of The Tyee Club, or must have registered previously a
      fish which, if approved by; the Board of Directors of The Tyee Club, would qualify the angler for
    • -the fish must have been caught and released while fishing in accordance with these Rules and
    • -the fish must be released in good condition
    • -both the angler and the guide must estimate the weight of the fish to be at least 30 pounds
    • -the angler’s name, the guide’s name, and the estimated weight of the fish must be given to the
      weighmaster at The Tyee Clubhouse on the same day the fish was caught and released.
    The Tyee Club encourages the practice of catch and release of fish of all sizes, when the fish can be
    released in a healthy condition.
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    Update to bump mostly.

    Three boats toiling in the Pool tonight but mostly for the exercise or to test the action on a few new spoons and such.

    It's been a few years since anyone actually got a Tyee in the month of July here and only four have been taken in July the past 20 years, so it's a bit hopeful to be seriously trying right now, but, you never know.

    I think it was 2005 the very first Tyee of the year was caught in July and stood up as biggest fish that season.

    It was 47 pounds so the big ones can come right away when they arrive.

    Patience. LOL

    Take care.
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    Probably one of the best fishing experiences I have had was rowing with Bruce.
    The stories were inspiring and the "I will give you my three best strokes from the heart to set the hook" made for a stellar evening in the pool.
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    good on ya man !!!
    love reading this thread
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    So Bob the Weighmaster had to earn his keep this morning as Tim Samuels summoned him out to weigh his fish, even though obviously an undersize.

    It was 22 1/2 lbs. so not a Tyee but at least the first fish weighed in this year.

    It was a red and had two fresh Herring in its gut when cleaned.


    Anyway, serious rowing shall start this weekend as Randy will be out rowing an old hand Sat. AM and that might give us some info on how much the pool has changed as a result of Hydro blowing out most of the gravel in the river last Fall.

    Given a few Chinook have been spotted in the river already optimism is rearing its cheerful head amongst we rowers and I'm looking forward to the next several weeks that way.

    I'll be contacting my old rod-holders starting soon so standby for that and I'm looking forward to meeting a few new ones this year too.

    In the meantime.................

    Take care.
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  7. Dave H

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    Monday evening and nada to report other than my little sister arrived today so I can reveal my up til now secret plan to register the first Tyee of the year.

    I trained my little sister as a rod-holder back in 1960 at Jump-Off-Joe Lake in Washington State, so she's good to go.

    I did confide my plan to get the first Tyee of the year to Bob, the Weighmaster, the other day and was dismayed when he reacted thusly.

    "You know RK was up and rowed twice Saturday morning?" he asked.

    "Yes," I replied.

    "Well, said Bob. "He left for Victoria in the afternoon so if you actually DID get the first Tyee of the year we'd have to put an asterisk beside it in the book."

    "What the heck." I asked. "Why?"

    Bob looked at me, paused for effect then replied.

    "There would have to be an asterisk beside it to indicate that RK was out of town."

    He laughed and I laughed because RK has several times caught the first Tyee of the season so we all just assume he automatically will again.

    But maybe not this year as we have some decent looking tides coming along this week and he isn't here. We mortals have hope.

    Should be an interesting Saturday the 5th, as their will be somewhere around 100 First Nations canoes pulling up on the beach at the Tyee Clubhouse during the day.

    Not too sure how that might affect fishing Sat. night but we'll see.

    Looking forward to the spectacle and hope to take a bunch of pics.

    Hope all going good for all of you.

    Tyee Pool Tour Guide out. LOL

    Take care.
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    Good Luck Dave
  9. tinboatrobb

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    I too look forward to this thread each year. thanks for the stories and great photos. Good luck on the first Tyee of the year.
  10. Dave H

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    So today brought some excitement with it as my old and trusty rower CC hooked a good one on a spoon on the mid-day flood.

    The fish was bright and shiny and also too much to keep on as it worked out, parting company after a ten minute tussle that ended with a high leap and the spoon flying away from the fish.

    Very adverse conditions tonight as the evening winds have been getting worse every day it seems making it difficult to row.

    Hoping to get out tomorrow on the flood as I just received an improved #8 Gibbs Stewart that needs to go swimming for a test run.

    Not sure how Sat. evening will shake out what with all the canoes that are coming and all that.

    They are all coming out of the water after they arrive but it's hard to see how they'll get all of them out and trailered away before the evening.

    We'll see.

    My plan to use my little sister as a rod-holder failed miserably as she forgot everything I'd taught her 57 years ago.

    Sheesh, girls.

    Anyway, getting a bit more excited now that fish are here and we're all wishing now for the wind to bugger off.

    Stay tuned and................................

    Take care.
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    As with everyone else who waits for this thread.....

    One of my favorite threads of all forums I frequent!!
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    Yep a fan favourite. Love this thread and all Dave's stories of the golden years. I think I was born 15 years too late.....
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  13. Dave H

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    Earlier today CC called and asked if I wanted to hold the rod tonight, given I hadn't all last year.

    I agreed immediately as I wanted to try out a couple of spoons I'd resurrected this past Winter so he came by and picked me up a bit after 7:00 this evening.

    I decided to try my new rod which shows spoon action better than my Richmakes do plus it's the rod I use when I fish alone, so I threw it in the back of CC's truck as we were getting ready to go.

    "Where's your set-up?" I asked, noticing there wasn't another rod in the truck.

    "It's all you tonight," CC replied. "I row and you fish and we're going to hit one. I feel it."

    It's hard to argue with pure optimism so off we went to the Tyee Club dock and CC's boat.

    I wanted to try my old Clendon Stewart first, so I tied it on and we set to trolling.

    It wouldn't beat worth a crap!

    We went both directions and varied the speed to cover the range one normally fishes a spoon in, but it simply didn't want to work properly and seemed highly disposed to spinning too.

    We tried one of CC's Improved #8 Stewarts for a bit and it beat pretty good but attracted nothing, although we did see a couple roll nearby.

    Also saw a big jump in number of boats out tonight, with a few out for the first time this year, signifying the Long Weekend and the word there are a few fish around now too.

    As we approached that magic last half hour or so where if there is going to be a "bite" it most likely will happen, we switched to a proven spoon, one that CC got a 33 pounder on some years back.

    And then we moved down the length of the Pool towards the big red mooring buoy, swung around into the light breeze and started fishing.

    "Gotta be close to magic time." CC mused aloud. "Be alert."

    I grinned at him because he knows I'm as alert and as quick on the strike as anyone, but he still can't help nudging me now and then, part of the persona guys who row seem to have, as they are always considering all the parts that make Tyee fishing different, including always keeping the rod-holder involved and ready.

    I'm always involved and ready so when I felt the hit I struck high and hard, flipped the rod over so the reel was at hand and waited for the surge of CC's hard and quick strokes to help me take some stretch out of the line as I reeled down onto what I hoped would be a good fish.

    The expected surge was slow in coming, as CC had been looking away when the hit happened so lost several seconds before reacting with the hard pulls I'd expected.

    Alas, I realized we hadn't hooked up as there was no further pull from a fish, just the pull of a rapidly spinning spoon as I reeled it back in.

    CC was still pulling hard on the oars when I told him it was gone.

    CC said a bad word.

    Maybe two or three actually.

    I might have said one too.

    But all in all, CC hooked up yesterday and lost it after 10 minutes or so and rowed me to a strike tonight, so he is still "fishy" as they say and one of these days he'll get me my Tyee.

    So tomorrow should prove interesting as the Tribal Journey group arrives with some 100 or so canoes, all to be removed from the water after ceremonies and the like.

    I'm scheduled for tomorrow evening so hope most of the activity involving canoes will be over with by then.

    Anyway, that's about it for today from here.

    Take care.
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    That's awesome, hats off to you sir. I'm jealous.
  15. Stosh

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    You gotta get up there. I went with a friend 2 yrs ago. We had the privilege of being rod holders for Dave H himself!
    What a great experience. Quiet, peaceful fishing, good company, and always the possibility of hooking a great fish without being under power. My biggest fish ever, although not a salmon or hali was caught paddling a kayak.
    Kinda changes your outlook on fishing a little when that happens.
    Do it soon, I waited much too long.
  16. Gear'n'beer!

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    Ya I know.......should have done it when I actually lived in cr and was guiding directly across the spit on steep island. I did however hook into a hog right at dusk, on the outskirts of the pool that I chased all the way to Menzies. Not the same as being rowed I know.
  17. Dave H

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    Sunday morning coming down.


    No, no, not a hangover but a bout of what I presume was food poisoning that afflicted me an hour before go-out time yesterday, resulting in my having to cancel a planned go-out with two very attractive young women.



    You needn't know further details methinks. :D

    It appears I didn't miss much as nothing happened at all although after all the water activity yesterday one would have been surprised if anything had happened in the way of a bite.

    On a more optimistic note, the legendary Bruce Aikman was out at first light today and reported numerous fish showing in a couple of areas of the Pool so somebody is going to break the ice soon I suspect.

    Maybe me. :D

    On another topic, I'm stymied at the moment as I took a lot of pics and would like to share some but Photobucket doesn't allow third party posting and my old site doesn't seem to like the width of my images and won't process them.

    Any advice on a free site where I can download photos and then post them elsewhere will be greatly appreciated so jump in if you can help here.


    Take care.
  18. tinboatrobb

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    Flickr us a greatvfree sight
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    If you are running Windows and have a Microsoft ID then you can use OneDrive storage for free up to several gigabyte before you need to pay. No ads or other annoyances.
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    Thanks for the tips and when I checked Flickr I discovered I was already on it but from 2006 or earlier so I'd forgotten all about it. LOL

    Anyway, as previously threatened, here's a couple of pics from yesterday when the canoes were arriving at the Spit.

    These three arrived together and when the centre crew got in front of the Tyee Clubhouse they executed a spin-o-rama move then paddled along backwards for a bit.

    Seemed like everyone was having a good time and even though it was low tide it was very calm and easy paddling.


    Here's a look at the inside of the Spit where many canoes pulled in before being taken from the water and moved via trailer to the parking area downtown.


    Here's the group from Sooke in their canoe making their arrival. They're from close to my old stomping grounds so I featured them.


    Off to check the flood now so see ya all later.

    Take care.
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