Synthetic oil vs conventional oil

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  1. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Synthetic oil vs conventional oil? I was wondering what all of you guys/gals use in your trucks? advantages vs disadvantages? I was thinking of switching to synthetic? or maybe a heavier oil 20W50? I am about to do my first oil change since a bought this truck which has a 5.4l V8. I also do alot of towing......

  2. ReelAffair

    ReelAffair Active Member

    I would void using a heavier oil on newer vehilce, the tolerances are too tight and will not lubricate properly.

    As for what oil I use, all my toys run on synthetic oil, truck, atv, both engines on my boat.

    The oil doesn't breakdown as quick and provides better lubrication when cold and under extreme temperature....also my oil never really stays in long enough to get dirty... I m on the anal end of the service schedule
  3. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    That's funny , the dealer did not recommend using synthetic
    in Honda 4 strokes ??
  4. Tailspin

    Tailspin Active Member

    You should sell off all your used oil to a certain "Steve" individual Jack! aka Captain Anal?
  5. ReelAffair

    ReelAffair Active Member

    they may not have recommended it as to a cost factor, but its also a preference as well, I work at the Honda dealer (car) in Victoria and we only use synthetic if the customer asks for it.
  6. Sushihunter

    Sushihunter Active Member

  7. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Usually syn is a bit thinner I was also told not to put syn in the 9.9 yammy as well?????Really dont know why , but with the good oil nowadays we use as long as you change it regularlly there isnt going to be any inn effects me thinks.


    Blue Wolf Charters
  8. ReelAffair

    ReelAffair Active Member

    if you buy yamalube outboard oil it is a synthetic blend, alot of companies dont recommend it for break but after that you're all good, the main thing is changing it.
  9. adrianna3

    adrianna3 Active Member

    My 2000 Evinrude four stroke states Synthetic oil.
  10. Tailspin

    Tailspin Active Member

    Most synthetics and even synthetic blends outperform and outlive mineral oils. 50 degree farenheit cooler oil temp has me sold on it. Also less oil changes per annum. In a 7.3 powerstroke Diesel the oil annaylsis comes back synthetic all the way, can't hurt a hard working high RPM marine application IMOP[8D] The amount of training Striper Jack has on this stuff and from the miricals he has bailed me out on over the years, enough said, the guy knows his ****.
  11. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Thanks for all the info guys......thinking synthetic.

  12. Sea Ranger

    Sea Ranger Active Member

    This has nothing to do with an outboard motor but I use to own a small 18 hp air cooled engine and was told to not use synthetic oil in it because synthetic oil when used in an air cooled motor will cause less friction but in doing so you loose a bond between the metals that is needed to transfer the heat better.
    I also use to own a Chevy Astro work truck that was always loaded to the max and drove it like that for over a year , then decided to try a synthetic oil in it and after about a week or 2 of driving I noticed about a 10% increase in power, Gas wise I never really noticed much of a difference but that might be because I used a lot of gas anyways. Steve.
  13. I'll take it.. It'll work fine as bar oil!

    Take only what you need.
  14. claymcpher

    claymcpher Member

    Follow the owners manual and use what it says to or even close to it, some even say it right on the engine oil cap, weather syn or real oil using different oils and additives can void the warranty, personally I would not use 20w50 unless it pushed the blues, both my vehicle recommend 5w30 so that's what they get
  15. JDR

    JDR Member

    Synthetic oil stays on the parts longer less friction but also has a tendency to get past weak or dry oil seals more so than conventional oil. As for warranty if the manual says yes and engine is new go for it. Some engines don't break in on synthectic, too slippery. also it tends to disperse the dirt better(stays cleaner and doesn't break down as fast)

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