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  1. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    30 miles out on rolling waves for a tourist to catch thier first fish ever after they finish chuming the water won't care much about thier first fish.
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  2. seadna

    seadna Well-Known Member

    That's exactly the kind of client I was thinking of. For someone who just wants to catch a salmon, it's a great spot. For someone who wants a large king, it's not the place.
  3. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    The majority of my guests, who are mostly seasoned regulars aren't the type for the feeder chinook fishery as we are trying to target mature fish.
  4. seadna

    seadna Well-Known Member

    I think we're agreeing. Seasoned clients, don't want to fish there.

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    I would rather be skunked along the beach than fight the Swiftsure fog and traffic. Just me saying. $150 fuel for a bunch of ping pong paddle halibut and 8# springs.
  6. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    I had a boat out of the bank in 1991 before all the crowds. Someone got sick on every trip. I decided right then and there that wasn't for me. I opted for running out to Laperouse Bank from Bamfield. I then added Nootka Sound to my summer adventures for my guests and ran out from there on the good days. For me Swiftsure was just to hardcore for many guests and the lack of facilities in PR made it a long day and a tough summer for the guide. Kudos to those who do it.

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