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  1. chevy guy

    chevy guy Active Member

    I have the 140 on my 21 aluminum hard top. I am constantly impressed by everything. Super quiet, starts instantly every time after months of sitting so economic it is almost unbelievable.
    Maybe it is the best outboard ever made. Am I wrong or is that possibly a real true statement? Anybody with me?
  2. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Crew Member

    I have twin 200 Zukes and I agree... way quieter than yammies. A buddy has twin 200 verados and I almost thought I was running my old 2 stroke 150 when he hit the throttle!
  3. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way about my Yamaha F250. So quiet I can’t hear it idling at all. Sometimes I hit the starter when it’s already running. Starts first turn after sitting months. Sounds like a Suzuki. Pretty sure all new motors are pretty similar.
  4. fish brain

    fish brain Crew Member

    My buddy has a Zuke on his Double Eagle, man do I have a crush on that motor. I tried hard to buy one for my my boat when the time came, but had to settle for a Merc (which I am very happy with) as it was the best price at the time
  5. bryce

    bryce Active Member

    I have a 300 zuke and love it but this post is fishing for Instagram likes lol
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  6. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

  7. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    I got a 115 /06 when I bought my North River 4 1/2 yrs ago. I almost cried I wanted a Yamaha so badly. Well, 4 1/2 yrs later I am so impressed with this engine and it is a 2006. Quite, fuel economy, reliability. When the time comes , definitely will get another. I may move up to the 140.
    How is your fuel usage in that 21' Chevy Guy?
  8. RMOR

    RMOR New Member

    I have a 140 on my DE 185 and it is a perfect match for that boat. Lots of power and very economical. I would certainly recommend the motor to anyone.
  9. CatchAll

    CatchAll Member

    Make sure you replace the anodes in the powerhead frequently. I’ve opened up a couple older Suzuki 140 powerheads and the internal corrosion was insane. I believe the corrosion issues were fixed in newer ones, but don’t know which year exactly. If you have four anodes in the powerhead it is after they made the improvement.
  10. BCRingo

    BCRingo Crew Member

    DF140 is Suzuki’s best outboard. Reliable, quiet, easy to maintain, cheap on gas and relatively lighter than other motors in that class. I have a 2006 on my Campion 542 and it works like a Swiss watch.
  11. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    You guy's may not like this.I have 2 sons,1 has a 2006 542 Campion w/140 Suzuki and the other a 2006 185 DE w/150 Yamaha.I've been in both boats,the DE is way faster,quieter,and rides better.The son with the Suzuki isn't unhappy with the Suzuki but wishes he had the bigger 150 Yamaha.Not saying the Suzuki isn't good but the 150 Yamaha is a great motor.
  12. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    Don't want to turn this into a Suzuki VS/ Yamaha debate.There are many variables that affect boat performance,prop selection,weight,etc. and price and warranty when purchasing new.
  13. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    I agree. Love my outboard. I did have a Yamaha, finally on the last boat. 2 stroke new out of the box for a lightweight 17' fiberglass. Loved that motor too. It sucked more fuel then my 115 Suzuki, being a 2 stroke I presume.
  14. beemer

    beemer Well-Known Member

    love the 140 ! I recently upgraded to twin 150s because of my use. (commercial passenger) and was amazed at the difference. If you have the room (bigger block) go for the 150. The 140 is great but the 150 is incredible.
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  15. Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express Well-Known Member

    That's not too surprising...the Suzuki 140 is the top end of the platform that includes the 115. The 150s are all part of the 150/175/200 family (well, except the new 3 cyl Evinrude ETEC G2 150hp, but that's a different discussion)
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  16. Prfisher

    Prfisher Active Member

    I decided on a 140 for my Livingston Viking 192 a couple of years ago. Did endless research before deciding.
    They had a terrible (& well deserved) rep due to dissimilar metal corrosion on the pre 2007 (iirc) models. Once they sorted that out, their rep for reliability is among the best in the biz.
    I am certainly happy with mine!
    The boat came with a Merc 125 2+2 style. Described to me by an old hand with 2 stroke outboards as “The worst idea Merc ever had)
    After that old shaky, stinky, gas guzzling, oil dribbling pig, I’m in the lap of quiet, fuel efficient luxury with my shiny new Zook.
    The boat performs almost exactly the same with the 140 as it did with the Merc 125.

    A buddy of mine bought a well used 2000 140 Johnson / Suzuki for his beachcomb boat last year. The brass plugs had been modded out early on, so it didn’t have the common corrosion problems. Even at 20 years old, with lots of hours, the thing fires right up & runs like a top. Plenty of power for him & he’s super impressed with the fuel burn.
  17. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    I have the same as others. 06 140 suz on a 18.6 DE. Love the combo, easy on gas, fast enough for me, economical and been good to me. Will probably go to a 150 when replacement time arrives. There are so many more 150s to choose from.

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