sturgeon up and down the fraser...where to go?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by jjohnwm, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. jjohnwm

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    A buddy and I are planning a 2-day trip to BC for sturgeon fishing. I see outfitters up and down the river, all the way from Vancouver to Lillooet; where to go? Some outfits offer nice riverside accommodations in picturesque surroundings, while others have you staying in town at a hotel and pick you up each morning to fish. Once accommodations, food, etc. are factored in the prices seem quite comparable. Some state that the upper river/canyon offer a better crack at giant fish, others talk more about numbers. Hard to know what to do; any suggestions? We're flying to BC rather than driving, so accessibility to an airport is a consideration, but which airport is still very much a question as well. Timing would be June/July. All comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. 1marko

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    Price and budget will dictate to an extent. Go low for cheap down and dirty
    And if u want premium go up as well
    As the cost....
    Really all depends on budget and how far from the masses you want to go but nothing wrong with mid river local and staying in town for a crack at dino s just as big........

  3. jjohnwm

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    I haven't seen a huge price range, they all seem to be fairly competitive once accommodations are factored in. We're leaning towards an outfit near Lillooet called Fraser River Canyon Lodge, which offers a 2-day package including cabins/food/2 full days of fishing for 1200 per person. We aren't interested in flying halfway across the country for two days, only to spend half our time cooking for ourselves or staying in town at a motel, especially when something like this doesn't cost much more. It's a bit farther from Vancouver than most of the others...which is a plus for us, just as long as the fishing is comparable.
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  5. Cuba Libre

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    Recommendation for late June please..... Given the heavy snowpack, is it worth it ?
  6. Dogbreath

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    It's a real adventure anchoring in the freshet-the trees coming down the river really make it 'interesting'.

    Bites still happen though especially with a good bait & a good guide.
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  7. Big Green Machine

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  8. Aces

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    The freshet can be a downer
  9. 4x4Dennis

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    There is a proposed Sturgeon closure for the month of June to let the Sturgeon spawn without being pounded.
    As far as I know there has been no announcement yet but be aware.
  10. Robbie-D

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    Highly recommend Rob with the Kilby Lodge. I’ve fished with friends on multiple trips with Rob and have always had an awesome time, not to mention caught piles of fish.
  11. IGotFishues

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    Massive fish all over the Fraser. Doesn’t matter we’re you are, just need to get lucky. Good luck ;)
  12. Old Blue

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    Save your money if you're thinking June. Late July and on into the fall you're better off
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    Full moon in May when the oolichans were plentiful used to be a great time and it carried on into June some years.
    The fish would stage lower in the river at that time...Into the Fall as Old Blue says can be exceptional, specifically when the salmon are running...
  14. agentaqua

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    May/June for Eulachons? Fairly late run in the Fraser then - as compared to other watersheds. Usually early March-early April on other places on the coast.
  15. getbent

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    I wasn't checking my diary from when I was a true riverrat...It may have been a bit earlier April/May although I do recall floating with a gill net in shorts with no shirt on a regular basis...I think there were different runs actually with various size of fish if I remember correctly...thinking about was probably the full moon in May that signaled the end of the run...either way, it was incredible time to fish with oolies for sturgeon.

    sorry for the hijack
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  16. leaseman

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    Read this again and remember this! If you can't get here in the next 6 weeks or so, September to November is awesome! Fished them for close to 30 years now.
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