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Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by Striper, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Pippen had a good idea to provide feedback. Here's a few initial thoughts. I may well edit and add later...

    1. This software is very quick (responsive). Hopefully this isn't simply a function of the fact that there's only a few of us using it and it will work as well when the rest of the hounds are unleashed.

    2. I agree with Kildonan that the default on alerts should be all off. I can only imagine all of the dung that would fly when some of the more active participants start getting flooded with e-mails every time someone else posts on a thread they've posted on before they've figured out how to turn the alerts off .

    3. Similar comment with "browsing preferences". I would prefer to decide which threads etc I want to "watch" rather than having it defaulted to me.

    4. The picture loading process is a huge improvement - notwithstanding the 1mb limit from phones and pads. It will be essential to have a pretty clear sticky with simple instructions (tutorial) on how to post pictures from various sources.

    5. The Album feature is a neat bonus. We have it on the Striper Owner's Club Forum and it works well. Some of the folks have put together tutorial albums on such things as installing through hull transducers. Very helpful.

    6. The "Conversation" feature looks good - particularly in that it appears as though you can use it like the current PM process or open it up to multiple participants. I don't know if you can do that with the current PM process.
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    I have to echo Pippen's comments on the privacy aspects of the Media/Album section. If there's any chance someone could share my photos without my permission - I'm not using this feature.
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    Overall, I think this platform is a big improvement over the existing platform. It's quick, responsive and has some neat little shortcut features that will help with navigation.
    The only concern I have is with the photo loading process - and given that this is one of the biggest points of frustration with the current platform, it would be nice if some small improvements could be made. The Media section is a nice add, as long as the privacy features can be strengthened. A larger storage allocation would be nice as well as if someone has to delete pictures in their storage file to add more, and they have linked these pictures to their posts in threads, I assume those linked pictures would disappear as well
    Obviously pictures that are uploaded directly into threads will always be there, but with the 1 mb limit from mobile devices, there may be fewer of them.

    Hopefully Brian and Chris you can get this thing launched. I look forward to using it. I suspect, however, you're still going to face a bit of a s**t storm when you launch as this is a change and there's lots of folks who don't like change. A few good stickies explaining some of the basic procedures, tips and tricks will go a long way to smoothing the launch. @Test Pilot @chrisp
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