1. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any recommendations on cooking these? Brought some home from Mexico.
  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    It's usually coarse dark meat not all that tasty-supposed to be good smoked.
  3. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    There’s a reason 90 percent of these fish are released.......
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  4. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    They release real well like Sturgeon and Roosterfish
  5. Hardy Guy

    Hardy Guy Member

    Striped Marlin is very good in my experience; sailfish is horrible. I've had good success with cubing it and marinade (your choice) and cook on skewers of fry and use in tacos. Do not overcook, comes out firm and meaty like chicken. I agree they should be released if possible but they are very good to eat and very popular in Hawaii.
  6. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    Do I sense some sarcasm? They have a much better chance to survive released than on the plate, I understand some die on the line, but of the hundred or so stripeys I’ve released I have only had two bleeders the rest swam off strong after being properly revived and not hauled into the boat for the hero shot .
  7. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    I've had a marlin steak on the bbq, Even when juicy it's tough as hell.

    Best i've had is smoked marlin
  8. Hardy Guy

    Hardy Guy Member

    use a citrus based marinade. I never cooked a steak, only cubes and they were not tough. very good (DO NOT OVER COOK). I did enjoy eating it but I have never let the captain kill another marlin after the one. You have to tell them when you leave the dock and often you still have to insist they release it (they will say its a bleeder). The sad thing is we let them go and the commercial pangas keep tons ! You are allowed some retention so cook it up and enjoy, and consider releasing the next one.
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  9. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    Not at all. In fact i won't fish with a Captain that kills them.

    All of those species are tough fish that have great survival rates when released. Like you i have released well over a hundred striped marlin as i spend a lot of time down there. Now the Black Marlin that had a heart attack and died on us was pretty tasty although not nearly as good as the Swordfish we got
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