Straighten bent Scotty boom. (suggestions)

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Morty, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. AlK

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    Necessity is the mother of all inventions.:):)
  2. Morty

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    We tagged into what I guessed was a crab trap (only a float barely showing) and were in a current and wind blowing in the same direction. there was no way to circle around with just the kicker to get close to the float. even with the kicker in full reverse we still couldn't get any closer to the tangle. I tried using the pull of the downrigger to either pull up the cannonball, which I had done successfully one time before, or at least get closer to the float. In the first few seconds we were trying that, yet another boat got the gear tangled in the same mess. I really don't understand why it bent because I have the drag set so that I can pull the braided cable off the spool by hand with the brake on. I have it that way just in case I do hit bottom or get hung-up.
  3. trophywife

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    lodge owner came back in with a rigger pointing down at 90. apparently turned too sharp while trolling with the main. wrapped the prop and gave his DR a new look. never seen this done before.
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  4. Morty

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    Not sure when it happened. Got hitched to crab traps twice that day. I'm suspecting it was the second event. hooked up with a trap to a mostly submerged float. The direction the way both current and wind were flowing it seemed impossible to turn around and get on to of it using the main engine. The only way getting near for a lift was full reverse of the trolling motor AND full wind on both downriggers. No sooner had we gotten the motor reverse started when another boat got their cannonball tangled in it.
    Now there's at least 3 cannon balls tied in. In the other boats attempts to retrieve theirs and stay away from hitting us they tried pulling in another direction (and loudly complaining to us that we should stop trying to reverse or we'll hit them. ??) We literally "cut our losses" and left - not worth the $80 to waste:time, gas and stress dealing with them. I hope they at least got a 3 weights (or more - there were likely additional ones down there).
    I posted a warning on this site with location the same day it happened.

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