Stave Lake Oct 8 2017

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    Hit Stave Lake yesterday instead of Alouette. It was a nice day on the water after it took a good hour just to get to the lake through the channel. Harrowing to say the least, we had to go extremely slow as the water is super low. Widow makers EVERYWHERE. Following the green markers wasn't sufficient to ensure save passage. We barely skimmed the top of huge stumps, trimmed up. We debated turning back a couple of times and actually used the electric motor only with the gas tilted up and out of the water for a good chunk of it.

    Once on the lake proper, it was nice. Didn't mark many fish and in 3-4 hours of trolling a variety of gear. We left without getting a sniff. Wedding bands, smaller and medium Tomics, big spoons, small spoons, coyotes, crocs etc. 140ft on the riggers to dragging bucktails on the surface. Worked a variety areas including pump station. Made it all the way to the north end.

    The anticipation of trying a new lake (after the anxiety of dealing with the channel) was fun. But it quickly became frustrating without any action whatsoever.

    The trip back through the channel to the launch was better as we closely and slowly followed our track on the GPS.

    There was a 2-24' cuddy (Bayliner?) putting in at the launch. I told him not to bother and gave a ton of cautionary advice. He put in anyway. He was frustrated as he had come from Alouette which is way down as well. THERE IS NO WAY he'd be able to navigate the channel, but he put in as we drove away.

    Good luck to him.

    I'm open to ideas on how to tackle this giant lake. Not sure I'll go back this year. I can't find a live lake level monitor online. So it would suck to drive out there again and have it the way it was. Let alone no fish to show for it, lol.
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    Worked up there at the top for a couple years, only caught some suker fish waitin for the barge.

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