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  1. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    Whats the word. Any updates on the coho? how bout water level? Also is papermill open? Havent been out at all yet, a little outta the loop.
  2. Steely

    Steely Guest

    cohoes are older now, level medium high ,PM closed, Steels are good

  3. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Chev, you have resurfaced, was starting to wonder where ya got too.. Have not made it up yet myself but word has it there are plenty of steelies in the upper if you can get through the trucks.. Sounds like the size avg. is up a little to this season.. Moving this weekend but am definately due for some early action in a few weeks.. Drop me a line and we will set something up. :D-dirty
  4. Lots of fish but the waters really high now.
  5. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    yo dirty. Yep only a few more weeks. I lost my phone a few months back along with all my contact #'s so youll hav to send me your # again.
  6. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Chev, you got mail.[8D]
  7. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Oh yeah, and I got a key:D
  8. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    Thats good news. Youve got mail.
  9. Roe Bags

    Roe Bags Active Member

    Lots of summers uptop but with 5 jetboats hitting them every day for the last 2 weeks lets just say they've seen a bit of gear. Especially the hatchery rats hanging out just above and just below. Found a few more interested in our gear around the ash and below, more wilds then hatchery's and also a bit bigger on the average. Was a little surprised that there wern't more coho around. With 60,000+ in the system we sure didn't see that many uptop? Herd a rumor that the hatchery carted out thousands already for fertilizer? Bit of a shame cause they don't really get on the snap until right about now. Even though there mostly tomatoes there still fun to hook on spinners especially for the guys that don't fish that much.

    Pass the Pack
  10. steeliehead

    steeliehead Active Member

    Hey anybody know what the height is on the stamp? I'm thinking its high.
  11. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest

    huge water.......i luv it!!!:D
  12. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest

    wasnt out 4 long..but i did c some fresh fish some did land 1 wild summer.and i did shake hands with 5 more..2 of which were very heavy..i leaned as hard as i dare on my old sage and 12lb maxima.waters nice.REEL nice.

    felt good 2 hear that screaming islander therapy!!!

    spinnin pinnin and grinnin:D
  13. Fishalot

    Fishalot Guest

    The water isnt nice man... its good for fishing in the falls pool and thats it. The river is in the forest in most normally fished areas.
  14. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest

    its nice 4 me....ive always liked high water fishin.sure the waters in the brush...but theres LOTS of other spots 2 go 2 wet a line.i was out on fri. in that crazy high water and hooked 4.and i was nowhere near the falls pool!!!
    it rained pretty hard here in alberni last nite...not sure if the flow will drop any....

  15. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Active Member

    where where you shake a paw, If you dont mind sharing..

    Fill the dam tub!
  16. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest

    upper sproat friday....sat.morn. bite and nite bite at falls pool...but during the afternoon on sat. i was on airport side from eagle rock down 2 just below the bucket.HUGE WATER!!!most of all the fav. spots were no good but....i always find a had 2 get rid of a limb or 2.

    made 4 a long day and lotsa walking....but i found fish.

    and its good rehab 4 my knee i had rebuilt last march.

    ill b out again all day tom. hmm.....not sure where im goin but...does any1 know if the rvrs dropped any???

    spinnin pinnin and grinnin:D
  17. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Was the gate open on Sat, Shakes???
  18. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest

    not sure....i walked down from the top of the hill above the mill.
  19. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Thanx shakes, that's what I was thinkin,, Big water though eh... The amount of eggs that the sums are burpen up tells me the beds are getting scoured[V].. Lets hope she tames down a bit..:D-dirty
  20. shake a paw

    shake a paw Guest


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