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    Bump. I’ll be there.
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    Any updates for those that could not attend? @Derby
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    I did not attend... I can tell u that we will not be hearing much tell middle Feb.or so. Anything floating out there at this time would be is speculation at best.. I can say that this is going thru a process and we are part of that process.....
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    Cool thanks
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    I will write something. It was well laid out and I think it answered some questions. In all I am impressed by you guys for actually attending this time. It was one of the largest groups I have seen in a while. Might have been the largest I have seen. Its important to understand that with our fishery nothing is finalized yet, so its important to stop spreading untrue rumors of fisheries closing, areas closing etc. without the facts. Just like Deryk explained above the speculating is getting out of hand as the reps are just going through the process.

    I think Chris did a good job of explaining that, and presenting the challenges facing our whales,and within the 19/20 corridor and also with the Fraser river itself.

    It was also good to hear the perspective of the whale watching groups.
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    There were about 180 people there by what I heard from the door registration. I hope those who attended ate now a bit more informed and for now realize no need to go into panic mode. Both the recreational sector reps and the whale watching reps are in agreement that the short and long term fix for these whales is more fish/food. So while the greens and FN are calling for complete closures which WE know won't work, we have the whale watchers in agreement with us.
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