Squamish First Nation's bid for more sockeye fails in court

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    Never enough fish! same story for all my life. First Nations, Sports Fishermen, Commercial same story WE WANT MORE PIE

    McDonald says in her ruling that the nation's allocation is both higher and lower than the more than 100 Aboriginal groups seeking a share of Fraser River sockeye, in part because fisheries officials had to make some difficult decisions.

    "Moreover, the (department) had to take into account some Aboriginal groups who have limited access to any fish beyond sockeye. Here, the Squamish Nation has access to a number of different fish species," McDonald says.

    She also sympathized with fisheries officials, referring to the department's assertion that "nearly every single First Nation who has access (to) Fraser sockeye has expressed to DFO that they have a preference for Fraser sockeye over other salmon species."

    Seems like even if we do get more wild salmon their doomed to be allocated away anyways
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    Glad you read the ruling, WMY. I do too. I find it quite informative - the legal jurisprudence and logic that the judge uses in coming to his/her decisions.

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