Sport Fishing Advisory Board - SFAC Area 17 Meeting -Thursday Oct 24th 7-9pm

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    Hey guys,

    Just getting this out early so people can adjust plans to attend. Figured a good 4 weeks notice was appreciated.

    Here are the details:

    AREA 17 Fall Meeting ( Areas are shown in map below). Note: This is a large amount of area from Nanoose to Crofton that includes some gulf island areas.

    Date: Thursday Oct 24th 7-9 pm

    Location: Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association (Building to right in main parking lot)

    Address: 1325 Nanaimo Lakes Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9X 1X8

    Google map link:
    (map is also below).


    Meeting to discuss a range of issue and updates in area 17 :

    Some of the topics will include:

    1. Halibut - Recap of Season, and moving forward next year.

    2. Shellfish - Update on reduction of daily limit of prawns.

    3. Chinook- Recap of season. Discussion on alternatives to non-retention

    4. Nanaimo Hatchery -Updates

    5. DNA Program, and future of CWT data.

    6. Enforcement issues -within Nanaimo area with shellfish.

    7. Nanaimo River Roundtable process.



    map meeting.JPG
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  2. SpringVelocity

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    Just bumping this up.
  3. SpringVelocity

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    Just a reminder our meeting is tomorrow night. This open to all anglers, and hope to see you guys there.
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    Hopefully you have better luck getting this year return data out of DFO then we did, We were told it would not be available for our fall meeting, what a load of shit.
  5. Derby

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    we have never been able to get all return data until later .. the fish are still returning spawning in some of the systems.. what stem are u looking for? we have some from some of the system but not all...
  6. wildmanyeah

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    Early Fraser Chinook, Harrison chinook, Considering most years they give in season estimates of these stocks you would think they would have it.
  7. Derby

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    Hard to say.. I have seen seem numbers from the early fraser chinooks and nothing from Harrison as they would be spawning now but i would think they would have a early number
  8. wildmanyeah

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  9. SpringVelocity

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    As of 11th this is what we have from our area... I don't have the latest one. Obviously Cowichan right now is way better than this at around 13k right now...


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  10. wildmanyeah

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    Thanks SV, what i find amazing is DFO stock assessment has all that information out for the Island but won't share anything for the stock that shut down the whole coast like year Early fraser chinook. That have spawned months ago. IMO this is just totally unacceptable.
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    Thanks everyone that came out last night. I will post up our meeting minutes when they are ready on here, our Facebook page, and by e-mail.

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