Sooke River

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    I didnt. I asked what they were doing and they replied with "we're part of the local band". I was still unsure so I asked a couple of the more seasoned fly fishermen at the same pool, and they told me that they were told the same thing. They didnt stay long after I arrived; if they had I probably wouldnt have stayed.

    Ive only been flyfishing a few times, and the old boys fishing next to me didnt seem to take issue with it (at least the food fishery part), so I just let it be. I suppose they could have just lied to us all about belonging to a local band, but that would be a pretty bold(stupid) thing to do in front of so many witnesses.
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    Ill be out there tomorrow likely. Ill report it to DFO if I see anything suspicious. Thanks for the calcification and I do treat the salmon in the river with respect like most guys at the Sooke, sucks theres the odd man out who doesn't.
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    On Sept 24th. my friend and i went to Sooke . We saw the white Canon. They fished for salmon but this area do not allowed to fishing for that area . I saw anglers were on the shore. They were fishing and tried to catch salmon but they didn't catch any fish. I saw two salmon were jumping.
    The sign said open fishing on Oct 1 the hook slack measure 15mm . They do not follow the rules .

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