Sooke Reports - Spring/Summer 09

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by TenMile, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. TenMile

    TenMile Well-Known Member

    This thread is to discuss fishing in Sooke for Spring/Summer 09, an area from approximately Race Rocks to Sheringham Point. Where were you, how'd you do, how many empties in the boat afterwards and anything else you want to share.

  2. victoriaboater

    victoriaboater Active Member

    Has anyone been out to give it a whirl yet?
  3. juandesooka

    juandesooka Active Member

    A couple of local reports in the past week or so:

    I'm getting my boat tuned this week, finally, and can hopefully start participating in some first-hand reports, rather than just reading about it!

  4. alley cat

    alley cat Active Member

    Just back from Otter RV Park getting ready for summer and prepping the dock to be launched in two weeks plus clearing the gravel off of the boat ramp , noticed 3 boats working the point down to the tin shed and back.

  5. Sure is alot of gravel on that launch eh:D
  6. alley cat

    alley cat Active Member

    No where near as much as last year , we had to clear our launch 4 times due to the high winds and the direction , twice we removed over 3 dump truck loads.

  7. Trowser

    Trowser Member

    is that launch only for the RV owners?
  8. alley cat

    alley cat Active Member

    Yes , and we extend the right to those next door in the Olympic View Park for a sum of $30 per year , they must however take their vehicles and trailers back to their site and park as we are severely limited for parking.

  9. Jetblast09

    Jetblast09 Guest

    For those of you looking for a hidden gem, the Otter point RV park co-op has some lots for sale at very low prices. Great investment. Under 100K buys you a lifelong holiday (trailer and lot). I bought out there and it is alot of fun. Around $1000 per year for strata, which includes your water, hydro, insurance, upkeep, year round caretaker, private ramp, showers, washroom, and the nicest cleaning station you will ever find. Like staying at a very nice campground. Restricted to maximum 20 foot boat and 6 months stay in a 12 month period. If you stop and take a look check in with the caretaker at the mobile home at the entrance.
  10. May be cheap but you can only use it for 6 months of the year,Whats up with that?I live next door in the trailer park.:DIt is a very nice place though.Anybody got room on a boat for me(lol).
  11. alley cat

    alley cat Active Member

    The winter storms would tear the float and ramp right off the dock , next time we have a heavy Sou'Wester or high tide Easterly gale go down and look at the area.

  12. splittail

    splittail Member

    Sorry to keep this thread off topic of reports but I just wanted to mention what happened in March down at the Otter Point boat launch. Sugar and I were walking along the beach and noticed a boat (14 foot fiberglass) with 3 heavy set guys in it, cruising the shore trying to find a place to land it. The back end looked pretty low in the water and they were having some engine problems and couldn't brave the swells back into Jocks Dock. They beached it and immediately, the swells swamped the boat, filling the back end completely. Battery underwater, bilge pump dead and the tide still coming, covering the back end more every minute as they planted the boat on that gravel boat launch. No LifeJackets, No Bailing Bucket, No Knowlege of Tides. Basically No Idea.

    And a puppy crate with a 5 month old dog, shaking and soaked!

    No way of hauling the boat up the launch and no way of getting the boat back running on the water. They were glad they beached it when they did.

    Not much we could do but to give them some warm blankets and food for the dog, bring down a thermos of coffee and sandwiches grab some bailing buckets to get rid of some of the water after the tide stopped filling the boat and let them blab away on their blackberrys. It was a mess. I'm sure they will be planning better on their next trip out. :(
  13. Little Hawk

    Little Hawk Active Member

    What they didn't tell you was - the puppy was 'hali-bait'...
  14. Highliner

    Highliner Well-Known Member

    Does anyone fish for salmon anymore? Let's get this thread going.

  15. bananas

    bananas Active Member

    There are fish to be had in sooke i've heard good reports from a few different people of fish in the 20's you might hear more after the 15 when you can keep them.
  16. Got a beauty the other day off otter point spincasting from shore.
  17. porcupine

    porcupine Active Member

    Quote: Got a beauty the other day off otter point spincasting from shore.

    Where's the picture? How big?
  18. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    We had an epic battle with a good fish yesterday.
    First the fish ran like hell peeling line until we had to turn around to catch up to it. After a good battle we got it to the side of the boat and a seal grabs it and heads for the bottom. We kept the boat on top of the seal until he finally had to come up for air. We positioned the boat over him so he had no where to go.[}:)] He spat the fish out and the fight was on again. Then the seal grabs it again coming right out of the water with it but he drops it one more time. We horse it into the net and into the boat.[^] It was 18-20lb but wild[V]
    Now here is a beautiful chrome fish basically dead from the battle and we have to release it.[B)]
    My buddy is trying to revive it at the side of the boat and wham the seal comes out from under the boat and takes it right out of his hands.[:0] Scared the crap out of him:D

    In the end we got a great fight from this fish and the seal got his meal. The only loser was the fish.

    We had one other hit and that was it. Beauty day on the water and nice to get back to salmon fishing.

  19. Poe

    Poe Member

    What is it with you and Seals [:p]
  20. cby

    cby Active Member

    1st time out yesterday, beautiful day, fished for 5 hours only one fish on is was a nice one. took 4 great runs and then spit the hook. Oh well it was nice to be out and back fishing again. Bring on the sooke reports please.


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