Sooke Reports - Spring and Summer 2012

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Last Chance, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    Let's get some Sooke Fishing Reports for Spring and Summer 2012
  2. trendsetter

    trendsetter Active Member

    Has anybody been out salmon fishing around Church rock / Whirl Bay / Pedder Bay lately?
  3. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    If all goes to plan I am going to try Whirl Bay tomorrow.

    P.S. Why is this thread not sticky? Brian????
  4. trendsetter

    trendsetter Active Member

    Good luck out there Englishman. I might make it out there too.

  5. Harbicht

    Harbicht Member

    Fished whirl bay last night got double header just of church lost one got the other. Full of herring. Going to Constance today good luck everyone
  6. Theb55

    Theb55 Active Member

    Out off Sooke Bluffs today. A nice 14-18 lb to boat. Alas and so sad to let it go. Catch and release salmon fishing is alive and well on SCVI. Lost a smaller one on way to boat.
  7. trendsetter

    trendsetter Active Member

    Fished whirl bay and pedder bay today. Picked up a 6lb wild and a 5lb hatchery at low slack. Both on coyote spoons, 150ft on the sounder and 130ft on the rigger.

    No more action from salmon for the rest of the day but bottom fishing was decent.
  8. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    Sammyslabber and I changed our minds about Whirl Bay today and instead trolled up and down from Sooke Harbour Mouth to Otter point and back a few times. It was definitely a very Good Friday as we had four hits and boated two beauty fish of 13lb and 15lb plus a small one of 5lb. Best pair of winter fish to my boat to date!! All on anchovy on green/glo teaser heads in the 100 -140’depth range and all three were hatchery!
  9. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    [Chuckling]... Nice place to live hey? :)
  10. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    Yah got that right Lippy. I shudder to think I could still be in the concrete jungles of London now, but for the personal choices I made when I was a young man.....
  11. Dave S

    Dave S Active Member

    Well done English, well done. Save those bellies for halibut.
  12. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, Englishman! Those are beauty sizes! Must have been fun!
  13. rook 2

    rook 2 Member

    Nice fish

    went out to fish beecher bay today,on our last loop around the bay i caught a 24lb winter spring,hatchery,what a great battle,,man it ran for a long time before it got tired,,i thought that is was going to run me out of line,,caught it at 4pm on purple haze squirt at 84feet down,only had 2 other hits all day,,seen a guy fishing with his lady and they caught 2 chinooks in the bay,,one about 12lbs,,not many boats out there today..about 5 boats all day
  14. the rook

    the rook Member

    butta bing!!!!!!
  15. juandesooka

    juandesooka Active Member

    we got 1 around 7 or 8 pounds, that's it....didn't see any nets out. Beauty day though.
  16. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, fishing Sooke was a mistake today I think. It was really slow. Lots of guys went home empty handed. Managed to avoid the skunk with a 7 lbs spring and a huge sole (20" long). No, it was not a baby hali and no arrowtooth. Biggest sole I ever caught. Actually gave up some nice fillets.

    Figure I should have gone Victoria today. But hey, can't beat the weather and the slow fishing made for a relaxing day. Englishman has struck again. I am sure he will post a photo. Cheers!
  17. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    Yes it was an awesome day on the water for us. Flat calm and shirtsleeve weather with the hot sun. DaveS and I decided to fish the slack through the flood and so we did not launch till 11 am! We were fishing no more than 10 minutes when we had a hit and landed a 14lb'der! We trolled from Harbour mouth to Trailer Park and we exhibited a lot of patience and waited about three hours for the next hit ; a 9 and a half pounder. Another hour passed and then it went nuts about 4:30pm. We had three hits in 20 minutes including a doubleheader but we only managed to get one to the boat. 11lbs this time. All hatchery fish and clones of the fish we caught on Good Friday. Anchovy in teaser heads, between 115 and 135 feet did the trick.
    P.S. Photo to follow though they are only winters......LOL:)
    P.P.S. Chris it was not a mistake to fish Sooke today but it WAS a mistake to fish gear.....LOL:D
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  18. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Glad you two had such a successful day! You deserve it. I usually don't bother with bait for winters but agree, today I paid the price! Was off the water by 3 PM so missed the afternoon bite as well. Next time! Cheers!
  19. woodsnose

    woodsnose New Member

    English you should have stayed where you hit the first one.
  20. Dave S

    Dave S Active Member

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