Sooke Reports - Spring and Summer 2011

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Last Chance, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    This thread is for Sooke fishing reports and information for the Spring and Summer season, post your reports on Halibut, Salmon and whatever else here.
  2. Doug

    Doug Active Member

    Sat I Hali fished JR with two moms, and three 12 year olds. The water had a 1/2 foot chop and it was sun/cloudy.

    Fishing was great during the Ebb and we had four on and they landed two (not that easy for a 12 yr old) and the biggest as 47lb. Only caught one dog but I got four gray cod which I very rarely see in the Jordon River area.
    Salmon belly was the bait most fish hit on.

    During our trip back to Sooke we probably past 20 boats hali fishng.
  3. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member

    Out with R. Hagel Sat. Limits -9 lbs. Today out with a bud landed 7 kept a 9 & 10 lost a bigger 1 to Mr.Wiskers fish full of Krill. Water flat calm & only a couple other boats all n all a nice morn.
  4. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    Saw you coming off the water as I was headed out. Where did you hit your fish? We trolled infront of fraser and aldridge not even a hit. Saw very little bait.

  5. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Thats because you didnt pay up steve.... from last years bet.....LOL LOL

  6. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    Well then Wolfie, I guess I better get you your .25 cents so that I catch some fish this year. Ive had some good days of fishing but all of them were way down at the bluffs and having our boat at cheanuh its not a short run down that way.

  7. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    You might want to give Pedder a try. Much closer. I picked up a couple of decent springs and lost another in an hour on Sunday while waiting for the tides and wind to lighten for hali fishing. The usual tack from the can to the hole. Tons of fish on the screen.
  8. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member

    You guessed wright F.G the place to be @ the moment is the bluffs spoons & plastic @120' ft has been the norm.
  9. Rob H

    Rob H Member

    Went out from Cheanuh to Secretary/Bluffs/Trailer Park. Water was not nice to start with then got worse as the day went on. Got a good fish on to start off the Sooke harbour mouth, then a seal got it. We tried to get the gear back for half an hour but the seal won (did get the flasher back but the hook ended up in the seal's lower jaw). One hatchery kept and a small fish released then ran back to Beecher Bay at 1:30. Saw a boat get a fish when we arrived so we put the gear back out. Half hour later we got a 15 lb. down at 170 ft., went in after one more pass.

  10. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Well Steve for added bonus ill bet you double or nothing....... interested??? LOL
    ill bet you you will be able to get a limit of pinks in Aug no problem.......LOL LOL
    and springs will be good as on.... LOL LOL
  11. bananas

    bananas Active Member

    231lb haly on the scale at i/o today . A local highliner.
  12. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Ohhh.... All the babies.

    Sorry, somebody had to:D:D
  13. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    Well Wolfie, Double or nothing sounds fine to me! Plus the pinks always help the hali bait bill! And they arnt half bad on a 6 weight.

    Was out tuesday got one 8 pound hatchery off Swordfish Isl.

    Out friday trolled pedder can bouy to hole for 3 hours not even a hit. Marked a little bit of bait but not alot.

    Might try on sunday.

  14. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member

    Out today with Rob H. & other Bud Jessie out of the gate with a good start 65lbs. nice to get the 1st. feed of fresh Hali. good battle to boot, little snotty but Capt. Rob expertly hung in there for a rewarding fish.
    Thanks again Rob H.
  15. Tailspin

    Tailspin Active Member

    A few Fun Pics
    Happy Girls
    My New Skipper in Training
  16. bigmeal

    bigmeal Member

    Nice pics Tailspin, Looks like the family had a great day out there and a nice but to boot!
  17. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Good job justin also see the tie downs on the reel (take note doug) LOL LOLtraining the pup already very cool!!!!!
  18. Doug

    Doug Active Member

    All ready using them Roy
  19. addicted

    addicted Member

    yup... i wonder how many people are zooming in on that picture right now and programming the coordinates in their box.... lol... Great pictures buddy!
  20. Tailspin

    Tailspin Active Member

    No coordinates in there Addicted, just a chart of a big gravel flat:p
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