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Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Last Chance, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. 777

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    What does a 67 cm chinook weigh, approximately? I did an on line calculator, and it said 8 lbs. Are we really only allowed to keep an 8 lb wild chinook until mid-June, or am I mis-reading something? It sure sort of takes the joy out of salmon fishing for a while, if I read that right.

  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Thats about right, until mid June.
    However there seems to be a good number of hatchery fish available.
  3. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    That my friend is freaking COOL! I love seeing stuff like that! Almost the size of those little Kirpple "K" chrome and green.


  4. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    Yes there are tones of hatcheries, Most are getting over 50% hatcheries. And lots in the low 20's and high teens.

  5. the gambler

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    That seems about right, last 2 weeks i've been aprox 60% hatchery. Biggest was 22.
  6. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    How about West of Sheringham. Any reports from out that way?
  7. drilleryells

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    Out from 7 to 1, fished from TrailerPark to Sheringham, 4 fish, 3 hatches from 10 to 12, released an unclipped. More action farther west, three of the fish on Coho Killers the other on a bigger Spoon, Hits from 90-110. Betsy Flasher. Bait was ignored pretty much all day. When cleaning the fish all three had 7 inch Herring in them? Go figure.... Good Day Driller
  8. Theb55

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    Out for a couple hours off Sooke. Rewarded with a 20-25 lb safely released. About 3 cm too large. First fish of what could be a great season.

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  9. Theb55

    Theb55 Active Member

    For whatever reason pic did not go. [​IMG]

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  10. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    a 20-25 pounder only 3cm over 67cm? I had so many 22-23 pound fish last year that were just under the 85cm mark which was the slot size limit later on in June last year. 67cm fish is usually about 9-12 pounds.
  11. DVL U Know

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    Had a 16 that was 77cm. But it had thick ankles.
  12. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Right on awesome will be out on weekend breaking in the new boat.... LOL The infamous slot limit strikes again! :( Well its the price you pay to be a JDF angler it seems nowadays.. )...That is good sign I figured there would be some mature fish coming in right now... From signs we are seeing I think we will see fish much larger than last year and greater quantities...

    Guys on east of island are seeing some good fish right now as well..
  13. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Black Zodiac is new whale watching group I think there is 2 of them.
  14. Theb55

    Theb55 Active Member

    You are probably right. Just pissed at the moment. Nothing like having to return your first fish of the year because it is too big. Maybe we should poach those fish so the run preventing fishing is eliminated. For those fishing, fish are important and we don't really care whether they are 4-1 or 4-2. I had to get it into the boat, check to see whether wild or not, remove the hook and revive it - and it swam away very strongly.

  15. kelly

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  16. Theb55

    Theb55 Active Member

    Some people are best to stick to fishing.

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  17. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Fished late afternoon and evening today at harbour mouth and Otter point. Had a small salmon release itself too far away to get a good look at it (coho killer trolled at 100') and snagged a small sole on a buzz bomb while anchored for hali. Lots of bait balls down deep and even splashing at the surface, and saw seals, sea lions, porpoises, sunset, leprechauns, unicorns and other pretty things, but no meat to fry for dinner. I guess it is unicorn burritos again tonight.
  18. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    You could also have left over leprechaun flapjacks for breakfast. Curious as to when the slot limits ends?
  19. Theb55

    Theb55 Active Member

    Picked up a legal 23 lb yesterday evening after trolling hours with no bites.

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  20. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

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