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    Last night I attended the film called "On The Line" shown about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, put on jointly by the UVic Environmental Law group and Ecojustice. The latter is the organisation that recently won the orca habitat protection ruling in the Supreme Court. Notwithstanding your views on that one, in this fight they are on our side, so hear me out. The film was about two guys who biked, hiked and paddled the entire actual proposed route of the pipeline and spoke to people along the route. This pipeline will rip across the Rockies and right through a lot pristine country in B.C. It will cross 743 waterways, including the Bulkley, and Morice rivers and several other Skeena tributaries. When there is a rupture and leak like recently happened on the Enbridge pipeline across the Kalamazoo river in the U.S. say goodbye to the steelhead and salmon runs of the Skeena system! However, the scariest part was the shots they showed to illustrate the map of the Douglas channel. Up to 250 super tankers will try and negotiate this long twisting narrow waterway, making two right angle turns in fog, bad weather and heavy seas in winter to make the Kitimat oil terminal from the open ocean. It is absolutely insane! After the pipe layers have ripped right across BC only about 40 permanent jobs will be created. In contrast there are about 15,000 jobs in BC connected with the commercial and recreational fisheries on the North coast and inland rivers. So BC will run all of the risk and sustain all of the damage so the fat cats in Alberta can add to their fortunes and Canadian bitumen can be shipped to China. All the recent posts about the halibut TAC and a privatisation of a huge common resource to 431 people are great, but it pales into a sideshow compared with what is going down if this pipeline gets approval.
    Guys, go see this film! Organise showings to your fishing clubs and groups if you can! Write to your MP’s and MLA’s !!(the MP for Skeena/Bulkley was a very articulate opponent, almost in despair on the film about what this pipeline is going to do to his constituency). Donate to Ecojustice who are preparing to fight this one in the courts (where some of you believe things must go to get resolved, based on what I have read in the Halibut threads). Write letters to your newspapers!! In the immortal words of Ray Bradbury “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and all who care about fish, fishing and the river and ocean ecosystems of BC should be fighting this proposal with all our might.
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    your government is proposing this as a saber rattling contrast to building it through the middle of the US right on top of a significant aquafer. its a way of thumbing their nose at obama and must make them feel good. the GOP will continue to put the pressure on obama to approve or continue to try end runs to get him out of the loop. since all of this highly polluting tar sands oil is headed for china, i can't see any rationale to allow this to be built across the US. i wish all of you, and us, good luck in not bending to big oil and gas. in fact, the EU was trying to get this tar sands oil declared as 'highly polluting' but i guess the vote fell short. i wonder if they will bring it up again.
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    Check this out
    It's good to know that if there is a spill it should be less then 7 tonnes of oil and a 40% chance it was from equipment failure while loading up the oil.

    Now someone needs to explain to the living creatures that the risk was well worth the money.
    Perhaps the people can eat money when the spill occures because thats all that will be left.

    If and when a tanker spills who is going to pay for it?
    If we look at the Exxon Valdez spill it has cost 6 billion (today's dollar) in clean up.
    If and when endbridge put's up 6 billion into an account controlled by the people of BC we will talk.
    Till then pizz off.
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    China.....a communist country with atrocious human rights track record and a country that uses fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.

    Our government, which hammers you daily with "greenthink" and as a result, the add-on taxes and fees, supports that country to the hilt in trade and business.

    As you can is always about the money.

    With them the money comes first....all else is superficial B.S........
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    EXACTLY this is what I don't understand.
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    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Here's a good link about the project. can someone make this link work
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    PM Harper is an Alberta Boy, and has a majority government so he will be able to push the project through.

    Alberta ( Canada) needs a market to sell their oil since Obama has delayed delayed the pipeline to the USA.

    The only thing driving the Canadian economy at the present time is the oilsands, and the government needs the revenue from the oil sands.
    I believe the pipeline is a done it or not.
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    I don't know whether I'm for or against this pipeline-I'm trying to educate myself as quickly as possible on the subject. I don't often agree with Mr. Harper but I do in-so-far as this should be a strictly Canadian decision. Foreigners ( and Particularly Hollywood Stars) should look after their own environments and get their noses the hell out of ours!!
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    Great link Casper and thanks lippy
    Kind of sums it up in 2 minutes or less.
    I think the key to stopping it is in the money.
    Either make it to expensive to build or talk the investor into seeing why it's a bad idea.
    Maybe we should all buy a one share in endbridge and then as a shareholder tell them to stop.

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    Lippy is the man for the internet challenged Thanks Lippy. Does that work for you Holmes
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    37 jobs..??
    Something definately wrong with saying this.. That maybe the number of jobs loading the tankers but there is alot more to this than that.

    Here is just one side to consider.

    Every foreign ship in Canadian waters requires a Canadian pilot on board ( Pacific Pilotage Authority)
    So these ship pilots make their way from other centers (mostly Vancouver) up to Kitimat via the airlines/Charters. Closest airport is Terrace, then Smithers.
    They stay in local hotels, eating in local restaurants. When the ship enters Canadian waters then are boated or helicoptered out to the ship for the journey in our waters. The reverse happens when they leave our waters.

    The spin off to the local economy is much more than just 37 jobs loading the tankers..
    There might even be a few fishing charters booked with local guides by the ship pilots after they have done their shift and are waiting to travel back home.

    Loading Oil on and off a vessel has been done for decades right here close to home in our own back yard. Elk falls pulp mill brough in barges of Bunker C heavy oil for the boilers and paper making process for a very long time. The would barge the oil right up to the mill and unload.

    I just wanted to present a different perspective on the issue. I do believe it should be double hulled tankers only.
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    I heard it went threw yesterday on the radio, I wasnt surprised. Very disappointed in our government. When Harper got in last election I knew it would go threw for sure. How can they say there no underwater obstructions. Mabey right now but we are on a fault line that must have some impact on the ocean floor.
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    Wouldn't want to be the Coastal Marine Pilot that has to bring all those super tankers into port.
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    Nope 35-40 jobs is all. Do not confuse permanent with temporary jobs building the pipeline. Anyway, by this logic suppose it was 350 jobs. Does that make it alright? Does the potential loss off 15,000 fishery related jobs plus the incalculable loss of many wild salmon rivers and huge chunks of the North Coast ecosystem make it all worthwhile. The hell it does!

    Oh well this makes it alright then. How silly of me!

    There won’t BE any fishing around Kitimat after a super tanker has gone aground in Douglas channel. A tanker break up will affect ecosystems as far down as Port Hardy. Not IF, but WHEN!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the point. 250 super tankers every year navigating the narrow, often poor visibility, and rough entrance waters of Douglas channel represents a huge and unavoidable risk to everything we hold dear in BC.

    Perspective?? How about these for perspective?!

    "Something wicked this way comes"
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    Thanks for posting this Englishman. This is a very important issue that we must fight. If you haven't seen the film Spoil, grab a bevy and watch it.
  19. casper5280

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    Awesome movie, truly something to think about. Thanks for sharing Dave.
  20. Lipripper

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    It's the government.... I have heard from a reliable source that it is not if... It is when... That sad truth as it sits at this time.

    Seen that vid a while ago... definitely good.

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