Somebody's day on the water ended abruptly...

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by bigbruce, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    I enter the Fraser on plane all the time, and there are often people at the mouth who are slow-moving or stationary. It's never a problem.

    I just don't drive into them.
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  2. Oly1

    Oly1 Active Member

    I think the problem here is not being able to see where his boat was going or probably more correctly, not caring. His comment about it not being a big deal, nobody was really hurt anyways, says it all. Hopefully his boat driving career is over.

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  3. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Thankfully, nobody, in their right mind, anchors at the mouth of the Fraser. At least slow moving you have the option to power up hopefully avoiding a mindless fool like this. On anchor you have no time to react. If you watch the video closely, they have a hand full of seconds max to dive into the water. Amazing no one was killed or perhaps worse severely injured.
  4. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    I heard of a member on this site who runs to the gulf islands on autopilot. He ties his gear on the back deck while he’s cruising. Can’t recall his name but man, he should pay attention to this.
  5. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    interesting......what kind of boat is it????
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  6. Bag-Juan

    Bag-Juan Active Member

    Poor guy holding the camera doing the filming?? Must have had a Gopro or something mounted on the dash facing back i would guess??
  7. Klob

    Klob Well-Known Member

    Since nobody was seriously hurt... It is another example of life imitating art. Anyone who has seen "Caddyshack" will know what I'm talking about.
  8. Filletandrelease

    Filletandrelease Active Member

    How many people use a Go pro to watch themselves fishing???
  9. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    I'd say hundreds. And it's not to watch themselves it's to show off in @Reeltime lol.
  10. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Have mine mounted on rear deck ready to go always with remote.
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  11. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    @Rain City haha creating lots of memories so when i get old and can't fish i'll be watching myself on the big screen, just bought a second camera lol
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  12. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    You can see the drivers head in the big boat, i've had close calls in the harbour and change directions immediately avoid what could happen also to
    avoid there huge surfing wake, bow up ass down then can't see anything.
  13. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Well-Known Member

    Like driving full speed into a fogbank.
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  14. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Keep a flair gun handy ... Just thinking , one to the helm might get some attention from the idot at control. In my opinion really no excuse but again I wasn't there but geeees
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