Sockeye to reach Okanagan Lake after over 50 years absence

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Sir Reel, Oct 12, 2019.

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  4. Dogbreath

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    Well they'd have to swim through downtown Vernon but after coming all the way from the Pacific Ocean that probably wouldn't stop them.
  5. kingblazer84

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    They are only allowing 100 fish through this year and tagging them , but it’s a start! I sure hope it adds up to a great fishery one day, then maybe springs again
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    Love to see some springs come back to the Okanagan. I grew up there and had a few native friends that used to fish the river. They said that they used to get a few springs in the 80’s and 90’s but don’t know of many now.

    Now that the dam on the Similkameen is gone would like to see if any salmon are making their way up that way as well.

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  7. donnie d

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    couple of needle barriers passing Polson Park...
  8. big rock

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    Why only 100?
  9. kingblazer84

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    I guess the FN want to track them and see how well they do before they let more through... ‍♂️ Don’t understand why so little either
  10. Capt_Ed

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    Still lots of Sox in the Okanagan river at Oliver , I can count over a hundred in one spot every day for the last week and their still heading up stream
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  11. sly_karma

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    ONA have made token releases of 10,000 fry into three Okanagan Lake tribs for the past four or so years, their way of pointing out to government that it's gonna happen soon whether they like it or not. Okanagan sockeye and kokanee are so close genetically that it really doesn't make much difference.

    Small egg take from this year's run because of low returns. Penticton hatchery staff reporting only one million eggs for this winter's rearing.
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