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  1. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Thanks to a couple of VERY Generous Gentlemen (You know who you are) my monster stainless smoker is once again ready for the Cold Smoke Show! [​IMG]

    We had an external box for this process at the old shack, but when we moved, I gave it away.
    Too big, too bulky for the new mini-yard

    But now she is complete once again!




    All went fine through the initial test run once I received some good advise from a good Buddy on how these Bradley pieces of equipment function.
    Having never run one, it was a tad confusing at the start, but he soon had me headed in the right direction.

    Timing is as they say everything. The weather ain't likely to get any cooler, and I need to get a few Tuna loins processed and turned into the most yummy thing that they can be! Rest assured my two contributors, there will be a little of that, and some Salmon Candy headed in your direction in the not-too-distant future! [​IMG]

  2. gokart

    gokart Member

    Nog, can you post some pictures of the inside of the smoker ? Special the distribution of the smoke.Thanks
  3. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    not to upstage your post IN .looks great and I have a portable smoker setup aswell as labled in another 20200202_143125.jpg post.porable smokrbox with "rowticlarry"love to be your spike camp friend IN,halibut lined basket with bacon and prawns on the retaining forks 1.99$ per pound bacon with peepers and last years bear brats on the you my friend .keep the threads coming IN.
  4. Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober Well-Known Member

    You probably already know this but for those others that may want to know more about cold smoking.
    That corrugated tube will expand to a much longer length- which will move your smoke generator further away from your food chamber and will help the smoke cool down for a colder smoke process. :):D
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  5. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    NOG you copying my design??? LOL
  6. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Where it currently sits is not at all conducive to doing that. Under the balcony and in shadow, every picture I have ever tried to take of the contents / inside there have not turned out. IF the rains disappears for a spell I might be able to wheel it out and do that. In the meantime I think I have some historic pictures of the build on another drive - will look.

    Nice little portable there FC. Be right handy around camp alright.
    I could likely get six of those inside of mine. LOL

    Why of course my Friend!
    It it a rather fine compliment when the student so well surpasses the teacher! [​IMG]

  7. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    YES my friend it was you who started me on this venture I just made my own destiny LOL for those who dont know this is what I was referring to I have smoke and heat plumbed into my rather large smoker!!!!!
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  8. Striper Sniper

    Striper Sniper Active Member

    Nice shot placement Roy...... :)
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  9. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Yeah i figured id get a comment on that LOL
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