smallmouth expanded range

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    "Invasive". AKA historically stocked by the Province on many, many occasions.

    Not saying that it isn't a problem with bass finding their way naturally or by human means into other waters.
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    Or they could just clean it/cut into chunks and fry in Tempura batter it's quite tasty.
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    I have a cabin on Christina Lake and have spent many an hour dragging some hogs out of the lower Kettle - didn't even think to try upriver.

    This article is my bat-signal. ;)
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    Any Bass caught on any lake in BC, at any time of the year, should be exterminated. People caught transferring Bass into new bodies of water should also be exterminated or at least deported to Texas where they can fish for those damn trash fish all year long. The idiot in the province who thought it was a good idea to introduce Bass to BC should be forced to fish for Bass 365 days a year for 10 years on one of these lousy bass lakes on Vancouver Island.
    Lakes containing Bass should be killed off and then restocked with species native to BC.
    Bass don't belong here, neither do Brown trout in places such as the Cowichan river or Atlantic Salmon.
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