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    Another nail in our coffin. Dfo places slot limits on Chinook retention for much of the inside waters. It’s temporary, hopefully. But in areas like Campbell River a legal Chinook is 24.5 inches and now an illegal fish is anything over 32 inches Or 80 cm. In Campbell we have 3 or 4 active Chinook net pens, raised by anglers. But none of them will be small enough to be retained. Isn’t that grand, recreational anglers raise them but can’t keep them because they’ll be beyond the slot limit, which is why they’re grown in pens too start with! too big, and they’re never headed to the Fraser River because they’re Campbell River brood stock. So you can’t keep Fraser fish but on top of that, you can’t keep Hatchery net pen Chinook that will never go to the Fraser. These guys are day traders, honestly, it feels like they’re making this shit up as they go. There’s no rational, there’s no plan, it’s dealing with a multi billion dollar industry one day at a time.
    I grew weary of the hunger games being played by Trudeau. Slowly and methodically they’re killing off different segments of our precious fishery. We seem powerless, we aren’t !
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