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  1. terrin

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    And that is why even now they won't allow a clipped hatchery fish over 80cm that has absolutly nothing to do with conservation because they obviously don't intend to admit that mistake and are intending on repeating the same non retewntion of hatchery fish next year. These sell out politicians need to be put out to pasture.
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  2. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    The Tsleil-Waututh First Nation will never agree to have their front yard and garden ruined by the proposed pipeline expansion.
  3. Big Green Machine

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    FN and NGO Groups at the Table with DFO: Let’s put in a slot limit and keep the retention at 1.

    Recreational Angling Community: That doesn’t make sense. Not worth it for me to pull my boat out of storage, get on a ferry, pay for fuel, food and accommodation for bringing home two 12 pounders.

    The General Public: WOW, look at that, the marina is empty and there aren’t any boats on the water.

    FN and NGO and DFO: Excellent, our plan is working.
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  4. wildmanyeah

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    From FB

    AGM of Avid Anglers. Data issued to us show % of 4/2 caught and sampled was .5% 5/2 was .6%. Absolutely impossible to manage down to this small number and show results.
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  5. Aces

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    What exactly do you mean “us people “ invited these groups into our house? They have never set foot in my house
  6. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    I should have quoted Walleyes or CIVANO I suppose, but you should be able to figure out who I'm responding to.

    Oh goodie, the old "cosmic rays" denier bullshit.

    Here's a page from this new paper not yet peer-reviewed, which is another attempt to sway people away from the science.
    Note the Finnish name.
    Note also that this is nothing new and has been debunked numerous times.
    Note also that every graph goes up with the exception of the ice coverage in the Arctic.


    Note this is directly from this new paper the deniers are all excited about nowadays.
    The only smart deniers are those getting paid to be so, plus not understanding the science is not a valid argument against it.

    Great sources too. :rolleyes:

    Take care.
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  7. SpringVelocity

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    Yay one person gets it.
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  8. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    There’s a few of us but yeah
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  9. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    It's going in regardless. Anyway I only commented as these issues are tied in with this. Let's leave the climate change and pipeline debate out of it.
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  10. Roast

    Roast Member

    Has anything else improved things? All we can do is vote these ass clowns out now.
  11. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Sad that after complaining about the gutting of the Science section of DFO, they increase it and promptly don’t consult it prior to decision making. Should have just made Misty the Minister.
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  12. snowwhite02

    snowwhite02 New Member

    Boy i wounder what the tyee club is going to due now
  13. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    I wounder aswell,as the campbell tyee club is a terminal fair chase fishery .You watch a FN boat come scoop those fish right out of the pool.I aswell wounder about the powell river fishing derby hosted by powell river pro shop ,heard sam there put some good videos together about the slot limit but can't find the link.
  14. Foxsea

    Foxsea Well-Known Member

    Storm Trooper said "In a short period of years, months and now days...the blame & finger pointing has gone from commercial fisherman, to Indigenous people, now recreational anglers are battling one another." I agree.

    The larger problem I see is that the uninformed now believe that the public fishery has a significant, negative impact on salmon stocks. We know the reality but the media narrative is that salmon and SRKW are in big trouble because of public overfishing. That's what the public believe - not science or facts but politicians and fake news. We need to get organized and pay for a positive media campaign. The public fishery can be shown as a public and environmental asset. On our own, especially bickering amongst ourselves, we have no influence on the greater public opinion or on politicians. Our enemy is general ignorance of science and the facts. We need a good, consistent story told loudly and often.
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  15. UkeeDreamin

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    Honest Question: Does the Saltwater Rec fishery have a public image problem?

    I get the frustration and outrage with the unjustified restrictions imposed this year and recently extended. But, at the same time, the angling out there right now and for most of the spring/summer in most locations up and down the coast has been quite good, if not outstanding. The fact many on here, as well as in the media, continue to trumpet the empty marinas and sentiments like “it’s not worth it” sends a message that the vast majority in this fishery only want to fish if they can harvest something ... which is very different than many of the most lucrative fisheries around the world. Folks spend over 100k to travel to the remotest parts of Russia, Scandinavia, Iceland and Labrador to C&R Atlantic salmon; folks spend millions travelling to C&R fish flats spp like bonefish, tarpon and permit; our PNW steelhead fisheries are largely C&R but are amongst the most lucrative for gear and tourism providers; same goes for fly fishing for trout: whether in Montana, Interior Stillwater’s, the Bow, the Elk, etc, etc it’s 90+% C&R.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be enraged and in fact I think if we organized and harnessed our true united voice and economic/political power we should be litigating the shit out of the feds/DFO and the Province over the mismanagement of the interior chinook, coho and steelhead mess. However, the fact that it seems like 80-90% of “us” are only interested in this fishery if we can kill something can’t be helping our public image and I would expect it hinders our arguments and messaging.


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  16. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    The anti public fishing group is clearly winning the PR war. I’m not sure if the ENGO’s are playing the First Nations or vis versa, but when you look at it, it’s not a marriage of ideals made in heaven. At some point they have to divest themselves of each other, because one group is pro harvesting and the other group is anti. Maybe both sides plan to dump the other once they get rid of us and can turn their efforts inward on each other. Face it they can play nice for a while but eventually the hypocrisy will show itself.

    The ENGO’s often use First Nations as a pawn in their game be it pipelines, forestry, or fishing, always have. I suspect First Nations leadership has recognized this and are turning the tables. Using ENGO emotion, media savvy and cash to further their objectives. Suffice to say the vast majority of Canadians are now urban dwellers and no very little about nature. They are ripe for any organization to take advantage of their lack of knowledge and most notably their cheque books.

    To be successful we need to promote the fact that while we harvest fish, we are also on the forefront of conservation. We work the hatcheries, clean up the streams and put money (ours not theirs) into conservation. If we only come off as fighting for harvest rights, which I don’t think any of us feel is our primary concern, then we have lost. We need to be vocal and willing to listen as well.
    “Show me the Science” behind the closures
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  17. donnie d

    donnie d Active Member

    Correct. I assume we would Have to leave fillet on one side completely in tact with head & tail on. Make sure to Remove gills.

  18. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Don’t take it personally FT, I know darn well not everyone out there agrees with these ENGO groups and enviro maniacs but the west coast is where they got their foothold in our country and it’s where they have their loudest voice, you know it and everyone else in the country knows it and it’s quite apparent by what’s been taking place the last few years.

    First they were financed and welcomed in to fight the logging companies, then they were financed and given power to fight the fish farms, then they were given more power and money and the groups expanded to fight the pipelines, then more money to fight the damns. Then they went after your hunting, they are starting with the Grizzly hunts and now moved on to the fishing, what makes anybody think they will stop, they won’t man, they will keep going until we are all living in the cities living government funded regulated lives. They want every aspect of your life watched and regulated as to not offend or harm anyone or anything they deem not appropriate. It’s right there man in front of our faces smacking us in the face and still, people will deny it.
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  19. walleyes

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    It’s divide and concur, how does the lion take down the 800lb Wilder-beast, they get it to leave the pack and then they attack it on its own and take it down. It can’t take down the whole herd but it can take them down one at a time and given time they can wipe out the whole herd.
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    I would recommend someone if asked.;) eman

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