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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by donnie d, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. BCRingo

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    Maybe if you could write a letter to DFO, your MP or your local paper and tell them what you think/want it’d be a better use of your time and knowledge.
  2. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    I have done so many times. To all of them except media.

    Honestly I just asked a simple question on a forum filled with knowledgeable people who are active in all this.

    I suspect we all have our hackles up a bit and I accept that with no grudges. That’s why I made light of it all with my book learnen thing.

    Take care
  3. BCRingo

    BCRingo Well-Known Member

    We all need a break from this nonsense DFO madness. It’s been a terrible season so far and we’re all emotionally exhausted.

    Going to see my useless MP on Monday and see what he’s got to say about this recent DFO decision.
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  4. Filletandrelease

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    Deep breaths everyone.
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  5. cohochinook

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    Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Let them know about the whole situation and what you been doing.

    We need to overcome this smoke and mirrors campaign by the minister by educating the public on what's going on!
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  6. wolf

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    Well DNA books helped us ?? how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got and received all the DNA last year all 6181 samples and guess what not alot of fish of concern and you say it helped us cmon DERBY im not blaming you but your statements is what bugs me laughing about it such its really wrong man , maybe its your way of lashing out I dont know. point is this is now a HUGE mess no one is to blame except for DFO .our message from SFAB is not working plain and simple they dont give a **** about us. we all know they havent based any of this on science we all know that . we are all upset about it. its sad to see

    RODNREEL Active Member

    United we stand divided we fall even further. I know we as THIRD CLASS citizens are getting bent over and dry humped but turning on each other is NOT the answer.
    The answer is ???????
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  8. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    You are absolutely right let’s all go to the protest with our signs and remember all of this in October
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  9. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Like I posted right after the announcement

    "This has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SLIDE or the ORCAS!
    Plain and simple politics with the natives playing all the cards!!! "

    What does Minimize the native harvest really mean?
    So what is next??
    Hope to see everyone in boats, on the breakwater at the Protest Monday 9 am!!

    “Thomson also said the department is also working with First Nations to minimize chinook harvests above the slide site in order to ensure the maximum possible number of chinook that managed to pass through the barrier successfully reach their spawning grounds.
    The measures fall short of what some First Nations and conservation groups had called for.
    Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, said his group fully supports a call from the Fraser Salmon Management Council to immediately stop all recreational and commercial Fraser River salmon fisheries.
    he said he's pleased with an "unprecedented" level of collaboration between federal, provincial and Indigenous leaders and he expects more mitigation measures will be announced in the future.”
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  10. The Jackel

    The Jackel Guest

    So i saw that SG pointed out an article in the sun from our good friend Misty from RCCS, so i read the article, just about puked but after reading it i saw a reply button so here is what i sent Saxe Point hold onto your rainbow shorts....

    First off let me say how disappointed I am for you to again spew more false info from Misty. The media and public feeds off of this like a bee to honey. Maybe Misty needs to get out on the water and see for herself what is going on instead of assuming what is going on. Couple of points.

    1- The size of the Chinook runs this year around the island have been nothing short of amazing, along with this is the size of the fish have rebounded as well. Now Misty isn’t going to tell you this as this would shoot her theory down, you need to talk to people on the water, people that have been fishing, get the real facts.

    2- If hatcheries are so bad why did she not come out and oppose the new restrictions, and state that there should be a retention of hatchery Chinook, because according to her the fish are not a good thing and their numbers are through the roof

    3- The percentage of hatchery that I personally have caught along with all the people I know who have been fishing is relatively small this season compared to the wild fish

    4- As for what the whales are used to doing maybe ask Misty why they were off of California for an extended amount of time, answer the Chinook runs are very strong there this year and guess what majority of those fish are hatchery fish, also maybe ask her about false statements made that the SRKW’s spend the entire year in the Salish Sea.

    5- Maybe also ask for recent pictures of those whales off of California to show their physical state, show us the pea heads, show us how they are starving, again there won’t be any as they are eating well

    6- Ask Misty how much money they have put into stream and land enhancement/restoration in the province, I for one can say that I have never ran into anyone from the Rain Coast Conservation Society while volunteering

    7- As you know Misty is involved in the lower Fraser watershed, there have been many studies about the seals that habituate the Fraser system and the high percentage of smolts that they consume, but according to her they are not a problem. Excuse me but when you lose 50% of your investment even before they hit the salt water I think that yes there is a problem

    8- Now as for hatchery fish yes nothing compares to wild fish, but if things are so bad for the numbers of wild Chinook do you think with the government ineptitude that this ship will be righted in time to restore these fish or will we just be watching old news clips of a past time when there were Chinook salmon in the ocean. Remember that the average life cycle for a Chinook is 4 years, fast forward 40 years and you have 10 cycles of spawners back to the rivers, so a run in trouble with low numbers now, does she honestly think that things will rebound quickly I hardly think so.

    9- Another point on the hatchery fish to be made, is the practice now implemented it to get the age classification of the fish back on track, bigger fish on average but a lot of this will also depend on ocean conditions and available food. Also the government maybe could step in and fund the clipping of hatchery fish to achieve 100 % on this then the management of the hatchery fishery could be better done

    In closing I have personally sent Misty about 30 emails and she responded to only one in such an arrogant way as to state (you do know that the killers whales have big black fins), this was her answer when I had stated to her that the closing of the fishing in the Juan De Fuca to protect the whales was a mute point as I live ocean front in Jordan River and had seen the whales one day. Now I don’t expect a response from you but would appreciate one but seeing that Misty, the federal and provincial governments have not responded to the many emails and letters I have sent off, except for the complimentary form letter responses that everyone got.


    A concerned BC fisherman
  11. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    This op ed was published in the Times Colonist today and right across the country.
    What a bunch of bull shit!!!

    Comment: For the sake of orcas, don’t hook a chinook
    Late arrival means the orcas have only 10 days to feed with minimal interference — perhaps too little, too late. The chinook salmon fishing season re-opens July 15, (or Aug. 1) contributing to orca food scarcity and vessel noise disturbance.”
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  12. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    Holy crap so many lies and misinformation. This is killing us.
    I guess no one understands fishing is hot this year. Lots of fish for all user groups.
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  13. Here fishy fishy

    Here fishy fishy New Member

    Them Orcas gotta learn to eat seals like there cousins
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  14. SpringVelocity

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    What did I say. Now start making your connection why you cant have a hatchery salmon. The people are dangerous folks. Not just FN in this decision. Also remember what does the liberal government need for next election. Fn votes and green votes. If you look at the entire picture it is actually quite a clever strategy the liberals are playing. Make your decision on the rock slide but at same time appease the NGO and FN user groups. This would also draw support so when pipeline comes you can less opposition. Quite brilliant.

    Unfortunately if you look at just a 100 ft view at just fishing it's tough to see. That article posted speaks volumes. People using a natural disaster to push a political agenda. Sorry guys we are in a hornet's nest way bigger than just fishing..
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  15. Tieoneon

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    So I assume no more filleting salmon with tail attached and vacuum sealing to take the best possible product home.
    So I assume filleting chinook and leaving tail attached no longer works.
  16. littlechucky

    littlechucky Well-Known Member

    It only ever worked if the fillet with tail attached was 62cm.

    A 80cm fish might get there....

    You might also be ok with a hatchery clipped fish fillet head off as the regs state the fillet can be less than 62 provided there is the healed scar clearly visible....but hard to do and keep the scar.

    I would stay on the safe side and just gut and gill and process at home.
  17. bottom feeder

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    They get there f#####G nets out and then call the freezer trucks
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  18. Rickeoni

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    I just read this entire post, wow! The government's policy of divide and conquer is working in textbook fashion. Sports fishing, gun control, setting BC vs Alberta on the pipeline, just to name a few, are great diversions. Meanwhile the people in power continue on their mission to create a plutocracy. We as a country need to unite and see the big picture and try and restore at least a semblance of democracy. I know this has nothing to do with the Fraser river limits, but we need as a nation to stop falling for these tactics and vote in October. Not just this group, but the auto workers, the employees of bombardier..... The rich get richer and poor get poorer, we meanwhile argue with each other over how to reverse salmon limits and nothing gets done. The old saying needs to be changed to "divided we stand, united we fall"
  19. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Its identity politics, and plotting one group against the other. Look at the core of politics now days in the divide and concur strategy and what will you find, look at the core of this issue and what do you find. At the core of it all is the left wings holy grail, Climate Change, this biggest bull shit story to ever be put on man kind. Look what it’s doing to our world and our politics even in our own little worlds like our provinces and cities. So many are drinking up this poison cool aid and it’s frightening to think man kind has gotten this gullible and this, well sorry to say it but stupid.

    I hate to say it again but, you people invited these groups into your house what did you think was going to happen.
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