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    I was wondering if anyone else was going to make the connection. Some of the loudest in this thread were cheering on these same groups a year or less ago. Take it one step further and realize that percentage wise the rec sector takes about as many fish as Canada contributes to global co2 emissions (ie; rounding errors). If you're pissed about retention and still want certain segments of the economy at minimum severely restricted or at max done away with totally I suggest applying your same logic where "everyone has to do their part" (no matter the overall effectiveness) and take your lumps. Don't forget your logic that we can be leaders and set an example for the rest of the world because that's worked so well with our competitors regarding enviro standards, human rights, woman's rights, democracy etc. Use the same logic, certainly the FN or other user groups getting fingers pointed at them here will see the rec sector take the hit in stride and follow their lead on retention. Seems plausible eh?

    Where is Horgan in all of this? I don't care if DFO is Federal, so is the NEB and he doesn't hesitate to jump in there.
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    Are we talking about suing the government of canada for racial discrimination?
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    But all the good lawyers still get to swoop in on a helicopter to some lodge, sit around for a day getting drunk on nice scotch because there's 2' swells, catch their two day limit in one day, have it all packed up and chopper on out of there. :rolleyes:

    I'm kidding of course. I'd love to see where this goes. Would be willing to pony up myself if there's a real case there.
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    Any openings should at least be publicly monitored so there is openess and integrity in the system. Try walking out of a gold mine with a few rocks in your pocket and see how far you get. The public is kept in the dark and that creates a lot of potentially misinformed ussumptions.
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    There you have it...

    Cutting back fisheries ain't gonna do sh*t.

    I wish we had a government who would publicly state that.
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    That’s a fair comment. If data ever does help us 99% of time Dfo ignores it anyway but when it hurts us they use it. Fact.
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    DNA got u the 1 mile surf line didn't it ? As for the SFAB its under a new chair and the model is changing starting in the fall.. Romeo wasn't built in a day now was it..........
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    It's not worth it, because to most of us this is a food fishery. How many locals in the fisheries you note are taking part in those fisheries? Do you see 200 locals out participating on a July afternoon, or just the tourists paying $100k to catch and release a fish? Our fishery might come to that, I'd rather it didn't
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    It's called providing fresh fish for the family. I know how it was bled iced etc. Means alot to take a fressh fish home to the kids.
    It's in my blood!
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    The reason for fishing being better then 20 years ago is that 20 years ago their was more pressure, the effects of the destruction of the east coast of Vancouver island from logging were still hampering survival and less hatchery fish were being pumped out. the inside waters were at one of their lowest points 20 years ago and comparing to 20 years ago doesn't prove fish stocks are safe or healthy. Its called a diminished baseline and comparing to the lowest numbers makes anything seem good. Compare today to 200 years ago instead of 20 if you want to know what stocks should look like, how many 60 pounders were caught last year on the whole coast of bc, 200 years ago there were more 60 pounders in most rivers then the whole province today and sports fisherman have played a roll in the decline definitely not the biggest but here we are like it or not. Trying to maintain the status quo in the face of change doesn't do us any good in the long run and admitting that salmon stocks are in trouble is an important way for sports fisherman to become a part of the discussion and not be left on the sidelines while money and influence controls the agenda until there's nothing for any of us.
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    Dead fish pics already making their way onto social media this morning way to go boyszzzzz go get em!!!
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    Hey Steeler, I guess you are on this fishing site because you love to troll!!

    Everyone has an impact. Not everyone works hard at mitigating or improving the stocks or the environment.
    I have been very active in both the commercial and sports sectors.
    The sport sector, through the efforts of individuals and organizations, goes way above and beyond in improving the stocks and supporting environment.

    Give your keyboard a rest and get out there.
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    I like the slot limit size and should be everywhere. 80cm, 32" is a little small and I would be happy with 37" (Around 20lb limit) Best eating fish is 10-20lbs. Lets get the big brood stock back again.


    Chinook Salmon Weight Conversion Chart

    25 in 6.49 lb
    26 in 7.28 lb
    27 in 8.12 lb
    28 in 9.02 lb
    29 in 9.99 lb
    30 in 11.02 lb
    31 in 12.12 lb
    32 in 13.29 lb
    33 in 14.53 lb
    34 in 15.84 lb
    35 in 17.23 lb
    36 in 18.70 lb
    37 in 20.25 lb
    38 in 21.88 lb
    39 in 23.59 lb
    40 in 25.38 lb
    41 in 27.27 lb
    42 in 29.24 lb
    43 in 31.31 lb
    44 in 33.47 lb
    45 in 35.72 lb
    46 in 38.08 lb
    47 in 40.53 lb
    48 in 43.08 lb
    49 in 45.74 lb
    50 in 48.50 lb
    51 in 51.36 lb
    52 in 54.34 lb
    53 in 57.43 lb
    54 in 60.63 lb
    55 in 63.94 lb
    56 in 67.37 lb
    57 in 70.92 lb
    58 in 74.59 lb
    59 in 78.39 lb
    60 in 82.30 lb
  14. can somone post a link to the actual notification/regulation change? I am sorry if it is posted within the post somewhere, but i am on my way out the door fishing.....dont have time to go through it all.

    thanks in advance....
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    If you’re heading to an area that was closed until July 15, read the regs carefully as 2 per day any size is open in some areas.
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    I would like to organize a strike for next year. Please do not buy your licenses until at least May 1st in 2020
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    Ok, I'm from the US and haven't really looked at the regs closely because typically when I'm fishing in BC I'm not keeping anything that isn't well over the minimum size for Chinook. But, with the maximum size limit now, I have a question. The regs say a fish length is, "The distance measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail; where there is no fork, to the tip of the tail." So, I know coho clearly have a forked tail. It seems like Chinook do not have a forked tail? So do I measure for maximum 80 cm length to the tip of the tail or to the middle of the tail where a fork length would be theoretically? It's quite a difference for the max size we can keep... so I'd like to get it right (and NOT get a ticket!). Thanks for any input.
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    The middle of the tail (fork). There is less of a fork on Chinook to be sure, but there is still a slight fork there.
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    What’s the likelihood of the slot limits to be extended after Aug 1st?

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