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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by donnie d, Jul 12, 2019.

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    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    and will that mean 2 in possession? They did not say.
  3. ReelSlim

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    I assume that areas that were previously open like say Past Bonilla Point in Renfrew stay the same. This affects the areas that were to open July 15th? Could be a big expense to put smaller mesh on the Fraser River nets to catch the smaller fish. :rolleyes:
  4. SpringVelocity

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    This government is out of its mind. What a shame. Do not elect these clowns in October.
  5. ImDone4

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    Man I Wish I could projectile Vomit all over the clowns making these decisions. Their desks and in hot motor vehicles to stew .....
    Truly Pathetic Leadership.

    There should be a CLASS ACTION SUIT against their INCOMPETENCE.

    This again does NOT MAKE MORE SALMON.

    Shame on you DFO and your troubling decisions.
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  6. scott craven

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    apparently this will also apply to offshore WCVI
  7. fishin solo

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    You can’t put ALL the blame on DFO..... you can bet your ass First Nations plays a BIG PART in all of this It’s a shame that not even our own elected govt won’t stand up to them...... BARF..... meanwhile In other news the onlooking and charade show around the slide continues..... if you stare at it long enough it will clear itself and all will be fixed.... problem solved..... those bigger fish will be caught just by a certain group not us.....
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  8. ReelSlim

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    Ok thanks Scott. But that was the case up until now anyways. Brutal.....
  9. Mark L

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    I think between us all we could pool enough cash together and hire John Wick, Liam Neeson, or someone to that affect and have them "handle this". At the very least get the truth out of these f@$&ing nitwits!
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  10. walleyes

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    Anybody that supports this government this October needs a good kick in the ass and is clearly a delusional human being. Can you imagine another 4 years with these people in power. I would be surprised if we could still hunt, fish or heaven forbid even own a gun. This shit has stop while there is still something to salvage here. They are taking our freedoms from us people in leaps and bounds. This is unprecedented in the history of this country some of the crap they are pulling off. Never mind just the fishing so many other issues being attacked as well.

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  11. OldBlackDog

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  12. wildmanyeah

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    Limiting the size of hatchery fish is true madness.
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  13. snowwhite02

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    Tyee club is toast
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  14. wildmanyeah

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    If hatchery fish are sooo important to stocks above the slide. Why don’t they just take brood from the fish below the slide. Ohh I know why because there is vertically no hatch fish or hatcherys above the slide.

    This is all the natives plane and simple and DFO letting them walk all over the department
  15. IronNoggin

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    This government has totally lost it's mind!
  16. cohochinook

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  17. SteelyDan

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    Dfo are pathetic chicken shits
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  18. Jencourt

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    Salt water public fishery is done!!! There is no coming back from all this crap!

    IT IS OVER!!!!’ For public fishery.

    AT BEST, Guides and lodges will be buying quota from the FN. and public joe will have to go with them. That’s if even that is going to be allowed.

    Sounds a little overly harsh maybe.

    If you don’t think public fishery is coming to an end NOW, you will wen next years shit storm makes this year look good!

    No one gives a crap about people who strive to keep alive a way of life if it consists of harvesting resources.
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  20. littlechucky

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    This is at least helpful.

    (Taken from notice)

    “Please note that the annual fin-fish closure near Cape Mudge on Quadra Island
    and the Chinook non-retention closures near Harwood, Denman, and Hornby Islands
    are no longer in effect”
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